API Integration

Make ProofEasy a part of your business workflow


How Does Integration Work?

Okay, you’ve decided to secure your documents with ProofEasy but want to store your
documents on your server instead of the ProofEasy platform. You have the following options:

Integrate PE

 Integrate PE platform with your existing 
cloud infrastructure.

API Integration

 Use PE’s versatile APIs to directly & seamlessly secure the 
documents with blockchain technology from within your system.

blockchain encrypted document

What are the benefits?

blockchain encrypted document

More Control of your Documents

Integrate accessible verifiable features in your existing process, workflows and most importantly maintain your existing organization document access controls. You can keep the verification process on-premise, cloud or hybrid without having any vendor lock-ins.

blockchain encrypted document

Greater security of your data

Know where your data is stored, know it best by storing it yourself.

Along with your other data, integrate a layer of immutable protection in your existing software/platform with the capability of blockchain secure documents. Protect your original documents without having to make any additional infrastructure investments.

blockchain secure qr code

Flexibility to add functionality to your app

This can boost the brand value. Our Mobile App can be fully branded to facilitate custom in-application verification, alerts and marketing requirements.

Ask us how!

Integrate ProofEasy with your existing software using API's? 

Click on the Contact Us button below and select Custom API Integration from the ProofEasy Support Center.


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