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About Web Doctor

Web Doctor is a convenient online medical clinic and repeat prescription service. It offers Telehealth Video consultations with a GP and/or straight forward technology based patient consultations for certain indications and Medical certificates for Australian patients. Its Interactive and responsive website/platform guides you through the consultation process, ensuring you don’t have to leave your home, and it can quickly review your request for treatment or a medical certificate at a time that suits you.
Web Doctor

Problem Statement

Web Doctor being an online web-based GP service often encountered problems which absorbed significant time and resources when it came to patients and their employers needing authentication and verifying GP authored documents. Also, WebDoctor’s management were also conscious of the potential for any issued document to become subject to fraudulent tampering particularly with medical certificates and other letters of authority.

medical problem statement


Web Doctor allows you to complete a technology based consultation and submit a request for medical certificates online. However, it has struggled with issuing them to its users, in a manner that ensured authenticity and was easily verifiable.

medical solutions


ProofEasy has a team of experts who can solve these kinds of issues efficiently and effectively. The problem was solved within weeks. ProofEasy can be used to generate and manage digital certificates, documents, and records. Web Doctor GP’s are now able to generate medical certificates online using ProofEasy. Each certificate bears an individualized QR code generated using ProofEasy blockchain technology and as such is secure, tamperproof and its authenticity can be easily verified if required by scanning the certificate’s QR code with a mobile device.


blockchain encrypted document

Reduction in document tampering and forged documents.

blockchain encrypted document

Increase in traceability as the certification is accredited with unique QR code and identifier.

blockchain secure qr code

Increase in trust and credibility since the results are protected by blockchain technology to prevent unauthorised manipulation.

blockchain secure qr code

Multi-level verification using patented VeriDoc Global Technology increases the transparency of the activities captured during the certification process. This includes visual inspection and verifying the document details on blockchain.

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