Custom Integration

Make ProofEasy a part of your business workflow


How Does Integration Work?

Okay, you’ve decided to secure your documents with ProofEasy but want to store your
documents on your server instead of the ProofEasy platform. You have the following options:​

Integrate PE

 Integrate PE platform with your existing 
cloud infrastructure.

API Integration

 Use PE’s versatile APIs to directly & seamlessly secure the 
documents from within your system.

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What are the benefits?

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More Control of your Documents

Integrate accessible verifiable features in your existing process, workflows and most importantly maintain your existing organization document access controls. You can keep the verification process on-premise, cloud or hybrid without having any vendor lock-ins.

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Greater security of your data

Know where your data is stored, know it best by storing it yourself. Along with your other data, integrate a layer of immutable protection in your existing software/platform. Protect your original documents without having to make any additional infrastructure investments.

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Flexibility to add functionality to your app

This can boost the brand value. Our Mobile App can be fully branded to facilitate custom in-application verification, alerts and marketing requirements. 

Ask us how!

Have a custom project?

Contact us if you'd like to work with us on a specific solution for your organization.

Other Applications

Documentation is an inherent and unavoidable part of any transaction. Transactions are fundamental to any industry. Having said that, there are nuances and characteristics unique to every industry, as are their challenges. ProofEasy allows for enough customization inside the application, however if you are looking for a unique solution our team of experts is here to work with your team. 

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SCM - Tracking and Tracing

One of the significant challenges faced by Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems in the manufacturing sector is tracking the movement of goods from the source of origin to the final retail destination. This gap is exploited to tamper the products and results in fakes. It is hard for customers to verify the authenticity quickly.

With VeriDoc Global’s SCM solution, QR code can be updated with information verifying when and where the product has changed hands and place this information on the blockchain. We can ensure that each step in the supply chain has registered a “digital handshake” that marks precisely when and where the goods have changed hands. With this method, consumer verification and auditing can be done by scanning the QR code. The solution not only offers tracking and tracing of goods, but it also provides transparency throughout the supply chain.

HR Time Sheet Management

With traditional punch cards and even modern swipe cards, it is hard to monitor the number of hours an employee has logged in. This becomes a threat for businesses and projects that require tracking the number of hours the employees spend on facilities. Whether it is for security reasons or calculating time-based pay, time theft and timesheet fraud is a common menace. This has a direct impact on the project deliverables, in terms of business credibility and financial loss to employers.

VeriDoc HR Timesheet solution offers out-of-the-box time and location-based blockchain solution. It enables employees to clock-in and clock-out through the mobile app, which can be accessed only on their mobile devices. This helps prevent timesheet fraud by curbing the possibility of proxy clock-ins. Further, the in and out time recorded cannot be tampered as the time and location stamps are placed on the blockchain, which provides a trustworthy audit trail and facilitates inspection.

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