Can Blockchain Technology Change Education?

Blockchain Secure QR Code

Since blockchain technology is decentralized and secure, it can play its role in various industries, including education, healthcare, land documentation, and more. For example, you can use blockchain secure QR code to make a document, record or even procedure tamperproof.

Blockchain has gained much attention as the fundamental technology for cryptocurrencies. It has recently started working as a data storage solution that can have a massive, positive impact in unmapped sectors like education. This post will give you a quick idea about how blockchain can change education sector:

Decentralized Learning

It refers to learning with no central authority controlling their education, for instance, teachers or schools. It means students will be in command of what they know and how efficiently they will learn. Companies are discovering the use of blockchain tech to expand decentralized learning. You can encrypt future educational records into the blockchain, making the learning journey convenient to track.

An encrypted academic development can help with the education systems, and schools cannot alter grades or logs because of encryption. In the future, you can see such use of blockchain technology adopted by different educational institutions to encourage independent learning.

It Makes Tasks Easier for Teachers

Blockchain technology could also make the jobs of the teacher easier through the use of smart contracts. A smart agreement includes lines of code programmed into a blockchain that automatically implements on the fulfilment of certain conditions.

It can Drop the Cases of Fraud in Education

There are many documented instances where job applicants have used false academic papers. Many fellows lie about their educational qualifications when they apply for a job. Sometimes, the employer or interviewer lacks the mark sheet to confirm applicants’ skills. Thus, they will likely hire unqualified or unskilled personnel for a job. Education is one of the most impacted industries by fraud and hacking. Preferably, hackers can manipulate and remove information from education systems. With blockchain technology, you can remove fraud in education.

One can be sure about the document’s authenticity with blockchain document security. Once you have a QR code on the document or records, you can be certain that you get access to the authentic data only. The QR code includes a hash value that matches with the hash value of the blockchain network to unfold the actual data. Hence, you can be sure that only the right people can access the original data. Hence, there is no room for fraud.

Verification of Student Records & Accreditation

Blockchain technology can transform the record-keeping of certificates and student records in learning institutions. There is no need for any intermediary validating degrees, certificates, diplomas, and other academic papers with blockchain technology. For example, scan and get QR code certificate verification immediately.

Blockchain technology can even help educational institutions in the authorization. Most nations find it hard to certify and accredit most learning institutions. With blockchain technology, you can conveniently verify the qualification and quality of education.

The Bottom Line

Many people and educational institutions are still wary about disruptive technology, mainly at the fast rate it is emerging. The reality is that blockchain will be the education sector’s future. The sooner you embrace blockchain solutions, the faster you can transform your educational institution. Don’t hesitate to talk to experts at ProofEasy to successfully introduce blockchain to your institution.