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Data is akin to oil in today’s world, and its security is no joke. Hackers are more sophisticated today, and can easily breach your firewalls to steal your confidential data. Do you need a platform to secure your confidential files while making it simple for you to access, share, and download those files? Just use ProofEasy. ProofEasy is a blockchain and QR-code-based security platform that will help you make all your documents secure and unbreachable. But is that all ProofEasy does? Secure documents? No.
ProofEasy is a one-stop solution for organizations:
If you’re a business or organization regularly generating reports, ecertificates, letters, notices, documents, etc., manually, then ProofEasy is the answer to all your time-consuming, cost-effective, and security-related problems. ProofEasy isn’t just simple to use, but it also simplifies the sharing process for you.
Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how simple it is to use ProofEasy:

What does the template generation process at ProofEasy encompass?

Business Plan
You email a PDF to ProofEasy containing the following information:

  • Template of the existing certificate/document/report/letter or notice.
  • Provide us with a list of fields you’d like to have in your ecertificate, report, letter, or notice.
  • Location of the fields. For example, where would the name field appear, report number/course completion date, etc.


The dedicated team at ProofEasy will go through your email to clearly understand your requirements. Their customer’s needs are at the forefront for ProofEasy, and the team will also contact you in case of questions to ensure that your desired templates meet your expectations.


The ProofEasy team will set up the templates in ProofEasy for your usage.

Once the template is ready, you can see and access it from the List of Templates section in your ProofEasy account.

The whole template creation process takes only 2 to 5 business days (depending on the complexity of the template).
Yes, getting your customized template set up in ProofEasy is that easy.
Now, you have your desired template, but how do you use it to generate the required certificate or any other document?
What is the document/certificate generation process in ProofEasy?
The document/certificate generation process looks something like this in ProofEasy:
The data entered in the blank fields during the document generation process is also shown in the verification process.
Note: If there’s ever a delay in processing your required documents, the document will be shown in the List of Processed Documents section.
Now that you know how simple and time-efficient ProofEasy is, you might wonder what is so different about ProofEasy.

Why choose ProofEasy as your one-stop solution for customized templates?

Choosing ProofEasy would be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. Wondering why? Well, listed below are some points to put all your worries to rest:
Why choose

Use ProofEasy to truly understand how easy it actually is to secure, generate, and share all your documents.

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