Food & Safety Compliance

The sensitivity of security required for documents regarding Food Safety & Compliance is surpassed only by the Certification or Regulatory agencies which develop the standards to keep our global food chain and the 7+ billion people who consume from it daily safe. Governments appoints a Certification or Regulatory Body to create national and global credential standards and verify that they are followed consistently. The documents involved are highly transparent and meant to inform the public of requirements, red flags, recalls, etc. However, complex and time-consuming processes have made document verification extremely complicated and tedious.
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Digital Document Management Resources

The organization of such a documentation process, the management of resources and capital, and the delivery of quality standards while attempting to maintain a safe and secure environment for your organization, your customers, and the consumer must be done effortlessly to ensure efficiency within the industry. Additionally, it is also necessary as the government wishes to create a balanced equilibrium in a confidential manner, which is attained through regulations. Document authentication is a tedious and challenging process. Furthermore, different documents, such as food safety certification standards and the results of audits, require additional verification and authentication procedures. Each document’s content differs, necessitating a unique approach. Using the email channel for communication and storage of documents is riskier for regulatory bodies. This old fashion way of email communication is 28% more susceptible to fraud than all the other channels like fax and mail used for this purpose. Therefore, Blockchain technology and blockchain document authentication solutions have emerged as a new means of increasing the efficiency of the documentation processes and a powerful tool for combating document fraud and misuse.

How Does ProofEasy Help?

Blockchain-based data verification services
Food Safety & Compliance documents are under continuous scrutiny due to the sensitivity and timelines involved. Documents such as GFSI certification, HACCP, audits, licenses, allergen statements, permits, ingredient declarations etc, are just a few of the many critical documents which must be safe from document fraud. Maintaining the security of such documents without making the entire process cumbersome can not only be complex but also challenging. ProofEasy can support your Food Safety & Compliance programs by keeping your documents secure and the entire process hassle-free by:
Document Sharing through Blockchain

Convenient Document Sharing

ProofEasy facilitates easy document sharing directly through its platform, or the link can beshared through various platforms, like email, WhatsApp, etc. This gives document access only to authorized users, enhancing the safety and security of a document.

Secure Documents through Blockchain technology

Data Safety

ProofEasy’s patented QR code and blockchain technology makes a document immutable. It also helps you in tracking any modifications to the original document.

digital credentialing platform

Forgery & Duplication

ProofEasy’s system is not only impossible to hack, saving your sensitive documents from leakages, but it is also impossible to duplicate a secured document.

decentralized storage facility

Data Storage

ProofEasy’s decentralized storage facility helps you in storing all your files in one place. This makes the sorting of files easier. ProofEasy’s blockchain secure QR code technology prevents your document from getting hacked.

Application Programming Interfaces Integration

Challenging API Integration

The FDA and other global certification & regulatory bodies are trying to digitize their operations, but API integration becomes a challenge. ProofEasy can be easily integrated with any existing system, making your life easier and your documents safer. Whether it is certificates validation QR code or any other document, ProofEasy has got it covered.

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