Blockchain -Ideal Technology to Enhance Food Safety

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In the last decades, food safety has increased in prominence, and the importance placed on food safety has grown substantially. Consumers aspire for a better transparent and answerable system that permits them to be fully aware of the product they buy, right from its origin to even stores. Blockchain secure qr code integration can be helpful here to ensure food safety and complete transparency.

Well, growing food scams, fraudulent doings, and contamination has annoyed the agricultural sector and made everyone more vigilant of the centralized agricultural management system. Other than the harm on a personal level, there have been economic losses that have headed to financial ruin, as well as the loss of different businesses. Everyone should play a role in food safety management, from institutions, government, and academic professionals to industries.

Transformation of Food Supply Chains with Blockchain

Imagine you visit the grocery store to buy some fruit. You purchase the fruit because it looks to be in an extraordinary situation. But being a buyer, can you be certain where your fruit came from or if it was contaminated?

Everyone today wishes to know about the safety of the food they consume. They want to know if it is a fruit or something else. However, what if you get to know where your food is grown, kept, and even inspected just by scanning a QR code and right away access details about the fruit stored on the blockchain network? Exactly, once there is a QR code on the food, you can be sure that you scan the code and get authentic information for the product.

Such a decentralized digital transaction ledger gathers information about the fruit, starting with where it got grown. It may even encompass the name of the specific farm. Getting complete information about the origins of food items is not yet a general practice for consumers or retailers. However, with the food sector experiencing several challenges because of inefficiencies in the supply chain, the present-day supply chain process constantly fails to promise food safety at all levels.

Blockchain is the Solution

Blockchain, a dynamic distributed ledger technology, can improve food safety by bringing together various stakeholders like farmers, processors, retailers, and end consumers. Consumers, delivery people, stores, and food and beverage companies can all have immediate access to transaction history that is immutable and transparent

The prime innovation of Blockchain is that it preserves all data in order of blocks spread over a vast computer network of nodes. No user can alter or delete data because of two reasons:

–         Blockchain has no central authority

–         The copies of the ledger are preserved on each node. Whatever is updated on the Blockchain is permanent.

So, the prime features of the blockchain network include the capability of participants on every single node to know where the products emerged from and how ownership altered over time. The Blockchain offers a single place to decide the movement of goods. No participant can alter a transaction after it has been recorded. The entire history of all the transactions (encompassing reversal of mistakes) is transparent to every user. Hence, the blockchain system is tamperproof.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain technology is a great new technology that can transform food safety. It can solve many serious issues impacting food safety, like preventing unnecessary recalls, dodging cross-contamination, preventing foodborne diseases, removing waste, streamlining recalls, and saving pennies. The way blockchain document authentication QR code ensures tamperproof documents in different industries; blockchain QR code can ensure food safety and traceability. Know how you can integrate blockchain solutions with experts at ProofEasy.