Wills and Estates

In the current climate of an increase in the amount of fraudulent activity in cyberspace, sensitive documents’ protection is of primary importance. Speaking of sensitive documents, Wills and Estate/Property papers are probably some of the most important and vulnerable of those. People’s lives are often defined by the way specific will mention them, and clearly, this is where evil activities thrive. Ensuring a secure cloud file storage, transfer and verification of such documents on behalf of their clients is the primary concern for firms that deal with such documents.
Certificate Digitalization


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The issue of human absences of the creators

Often it happens that the person who was responsible for the creation of a will is physically absent, sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances like death. In these cases, maintaining the document’s integrity falls on the firm which was entrusted with protecting its originality.
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Validation of the identities of the actual owners of properties and assets

The actual beneficiaries of the will in question can also be cheated in the process of delivering its terms. False identity proofs for identity theft have become quite common, primarily when more considerable sums of money are concerned.


Leveraging public key cryptography to encrypt valuable documents

Using public-key cryptography, which uses asymmetric keys, is very helpful because they use zero-knowledge protocols. These blockchain secure documents gather knowledge of proof without giving out sensitive information. This ensures that the concerned parties are made aware of updates and changes without compromising the same to evil entities.

Validating proof of identity of owners

To avoid identity theft cases, it is advised that while making the will or other such sensitive papers, the identity proofs of all owners and beneficiaries be embedded with a code that will later work as proof against fake certification of any kind. As an example, blockchain verification can be done by enabling users to create encrypted QR code that carry a unique hash value. The immutable nature of the blockchain network keeps documents & identities Tamper Proof.

In conclusion

We at ProofEasy, use the best blockchain cloud storage and a patented QR code, which, when generated on a submitted document, cannot be duplicated. No matter which touchpoint on the blockchain the document is at, two options are always available to the owners. These are the ability to validate the document by cross-checking visible and automated proofs, and the immediate response sent to all users if and when there is a probable cause of any part of the document being tampered with. It is also easy and beneficial to streamline the project management practices of firms that deal with making and protecting and real estate based businesses. Users can even conduct Will and Estate certificate verification using blockchain enabled solutions.

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