The Superiority of Digital Certificates

What is digital certificate? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Digital certificates are just like any physical certificate holding the credential data. They are documents that verify the completion of a course or specific field of expertise.

Students, professionals or any aspiring individual could benefit from digital certificates rather than their counterparts – the physical copy of certificates. We at ProofEasy provide blockchain powered digital certificates  to enhance documentation.


Blockchain powered digital certificates

Benefits of Digital Certificate

Everything that is digital automatically has a better chance in being efficient than their physical format. With digital certificates, the benefits are several
Benefits of digital signature certificate
Ease of Access & Management

Easy access to these important documents anytime, anywhere. Digital certificates eliminate the need of physical storage while can be managed in digital platforms such as our digital certificate blockchain interface.

Rapid & Seamless Verification

No need to go through intermediaries to verify the authentication of certificates. Digital certificates can be verified real-time with automated processes.

Better Security

Physical certificates always have the chance to be destroyed, stolen or lost. Digital certificates stored securely online can never be misplaced, moreover, they use encryption techniques to secure the data making them tamper-proof.

Environmentally Friendly

No paper trails left behind. Digital certificates help organizations contribute to sustainability goals with no paper usage waste for printing physical copies of the certificates.

Authentication Features

Digital certificates can be generated with built-in authentication features such as digital signatures, time stamps, etc. They all make these documents verifiable certificates.

Digital Certificates For Authenticity of Documents

The working mechanism of digital certificates empowers them to prove authenticity of documents. The following steps reflect on how blockchain-based digital certificates work.

Ensuring Trust

Blockchain digital certificates use cryptographically secure digital signatures that are responsible for building trust among the recipient of the document.

Issuer Authorization

The blockchain network works to authorize the legitimacy of the issuer so that verified digital certificates are generated and issued.

Enhanced Security

Issuers are mandated to utilize private keys to authenticate and sign the certificates during the issuance process. This enhances the security of the documents created.

Seamless Verification

Verifiers can check the authenticity of the documents by verifying the certificates on the blockchain network.

Simplifying Verification

Digital certificates include metadata, descriptions and claims that gives them a unique identity and also simplify their verification and authenticity.

Digital certificates for documents authentication
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