Seamless & Simple

Navigate how our document security system works. Now a days, blockchain document management system is using in Shipping industry and Daxtium.

Quick overview on ProofEasy

Seamless document security system

Secure & Share

We understand the importance of document security, this is why we offer an easy-to-use solution. Here is an overview of how document issuers can secure and share the documents with cloud storage from ProofEasy.

Blockchain based documents security system
Secure digital certificates by placing QR Codes

Submit Document

Upload the document that needs to be secured. Users can even create a digital certificate with it. ProofEasy prepares the document for QR Code placement.

Document verification through QR codes

QR Code Placement

ProofEasy QR code is placed in the submitted document and securely saved in the ProofEasy server.

Document encryption through blockchain

Encrypted Hashing

A unique hash for the document is generated, and the hash is placed in the blockchain.

VeriDoc Decentralized identity Solution

VeriDoc Global Security

The blockchain transaction ID along with the hash value, and the URL are stored in a secure database.

Tamper-proof document verification

Download & Share

The document is ready for sharing between all concerned parties in a secure environment. ProofEasy enables secure document transfer seamlessly.

Verify & Validate

Here is an overview of how ProofEasy protected documents can be verified and easily validated.

QR code scanning for document security

Scan QR Code

Using any smartphone simply scan the QR code from the ProofEasy secured document.

QR code scanning for document validation

Scanning Apps

The camera app of iPhones, some of the android phones and any QR reader app can be used to scan the ProofEasy document.
Decentralized document management system
The validation of ProofEasy document verification

ProofEasy Validation

The QR code contains a link to the VeriDoc Global verification engine for that specific document. The verification engine authenticates the hash on the blockchain and displays the original document that was secured using the ProofEasy platform.

Online Document Certification

Inspect Visually

The user can verify their copy of the ProofEasy document against the document displayed in the results page.
Verify on Blockchain

Verify on Blockchain

The display page shows the hash value and the blockchain transaction ID. Click on the “Verify on Blockchain” button to double-check that these documents are indeed verified on the blockchain. 

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