Real Estate

Compared to most other industries, the endeavours concerning real estate are by far one of the most difficult to run. The drive itself is going through noticeable change at present. The organization of the documentation process, managing resources and capital, and finally delivering quality products while trying to ensure a safe and secure environment for the client and the business is complicated to achieve- this, decisive efforts are being made to ensure efficiency.

Blockchain in real estate industry

How can ProofEasy help?

Impacts of Blockchain on Real Estate industry
The Real Estate industry is huge and very necessary for each section of the society. But currently, it is facing a lot of challenges that are bogging it down.

ProofEasy can help the Real Estate sector in the following ways:

Using Blockchain in Commercial Real Estate
Tampering & Duplication

Tampering of data, forgery and duplication are common phenomena in the Real Estate industry. ProofEasy with its blockchain technology makes all your secured documents impervious to this.

34-Mobile Security
Easy Verification

ProofEasy’s patented QR code technology makes QR code generation easy and helps in validating the authenticity of the documents within seconds.

Expensive Data Security

Securing documents is an expensive business, but ProofEasy helps you secure your documents in a cost effective manner and provides you with a lot of customization options.

Data Accessibility & Storage

ProofEasy provides only authorized users access to the secured documents, adding an extra layer of protection. It also stores all the files through its decentralized blockchain technology, eliminating the possibility of data breach and leak.

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How blockchain impacts in Real Estate industry

Documentation related to financing

The immediate concern for any real estate industry is to think about financing projects. The focus is generally laid on raising a decent degree of capital at the SPV level. Developers try to add wealth from their balance sheet and use financial services for projects from several banks to raise the desired amount of capital.

Real Estate data management with tamper-proof technology

Managing documentation for a multitude of vendors

At the initial stage of development, the management teams must enlist vendors and subcontractors. Many vendors come into the picture: those providing services of procurement, construction, engineering and even security, and the development team must make sure to take care of the matters of payment for each new party. Manage liquidity can therefore be one of the challenges as well.


Tamper-proof documentation for financial exchanges

Ensuring trustworthy documentation for financial exchanges

Trustworthy documentation has become the need of the day, now more than ever. Using technologies like blockchain to ensure tamper-proof documentation, developers can provide security for the documents which have been edited, reviewed and delivered. Therefore parties involved in financial exchanges can rest assured that their money is safe.

Blockchain transforming real estate transactions

Secured documentation for several people at the same time

The latest versions of the secured, tamper-free documents can be shared and verified by the project owners who possess them without risking leaks in data. Since making projects a success often depends on many people simultaneously, it also becomes necessary to maintain transparency in the sense that all parties must be informed of important decisions. Blockchain technology also makes such distribution hassle-free and secure.

Document validation with encrypted QR codes

In Conclusion

Via services like ProofEasy, the process of ensuring a safe environment for the exchange and distribution of documents becomes more accessible. The unique QR code generated by VeriDoc Global security ensures that the blockchain ID can only be accessed by those who hold the original QR code. It takes validation and proof verification one step further.

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