Certify Documents to Build Trust

Trust in the digital age is a valuable asset to have. It doesn’t come easily especially when it comes to document management. The authenticity of documents online can be a hassle for organizations or businesses to achieve. Falsification of information that goes undetected raises significant concerns about security.

ProofEasy brings in advanced solutions to certify documents with our patented blockchain technology and seamless QR code system. Empower documents and build trust with us.

Secure documents of regulatory bodies by patented QR code

Certify Original Documents With Us Easily

No complicated steps to verify the documents. We make document security and verification simple for everyone. With us you get verifiable documents that can be shared, stored and managed seamlessly.
Secured Digital Certificates
Blockchain for Certificate Verification
Easy Upload

Simply upload the document you want to secure on our interface. Drag and drop to get started.

Unique QR Code Generation

Each document uploaded is backed by our unique QR code. The generation process is rapid and simple.

Patented Blockchain

Documents on our interface are secured and made tamper proof in blockchain network. Patented tech for utmost security.

Verification in Seconds

With the duality of blockchain and QR code tech, verification takes only a few seconds. Users with access can just scan and verify.

Control Documents

You get verifiable transparency with all your scanned documents. With no third party verification involved, you have better control over the documents.

Certify Documents to Gain Power

The verification of documents gives you the power to fight against varied threats looming over your documents. Let’s explore the perks you get from these documents.

No Document Frauds

Sensitive documents hold key information. Frauds and counterfeits are common. Our system keeps the document fraud-free.

Tamper-Proof Data

Tampering of data leads to untrusted relationships in organizations. ProofEasy patented technology ensures no manipulation of data in documents.

Seamless Management

Store, share, verify, you can manage your documents on our interface with ease. A secure environment making the processes seamless.

All Documents Secure

You can create a copy of verifiable documents across industries. This means users have free reign to protect all types of documents on our platform.

API Integration

ProofEasy gives you the perk to upgrade your current system with the benefits of our interface. You get easy and versatile integration.

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