How to Certify a Document Through ProofEasy?

Certify a Document

With the world moving digital, document certification has become the need of the hour. However, this has made it easier for fraudsters and bad actors to apply their digital skills and issue counterfeit documents or forge and alter existing ones. But this is hardly the end of the game. You can trust competent online certificate makers like ProofEasy to issue, share, store, and certify documents on the blockchain. Wondering how it works? Keep reading to find out.

How Can I Certify Documents With ProofEasy?

ProofEasy is a user- and budget-friendly solution designed to help beginners and experts take advantage of the patented blockchain and QR code solution. But how does it work and how can you certify documents with ProofEasy on the blockchain? Here’s a step-by-step guide:


1. Step one is to login to your ProofEasy account. In case you are not a ProofEasy member, sign up on the platform to get started.

2. Once you’re in, upload a document you’d like to get blockchain certified. You can also drag and drop the document in the dedicated box.

3. After uploading the document, submit the document and wait for it to get processed by our internal servers (it sounds like a lengthy process but merely takes a few seconds!).

4. On the next page, choose the placement for the generated QR code. Each QR code is unique and by giving you the freedom to choose the placement, we empower you to select an optimal spot for it.


Remember: The QR code will help you (and whoever you share the document with) authenticate and verify the document down the line, so choose the placement after careful consideration. Ensure you don’t encroach any of the text on the document.


5. That’s it. You’re done. Simply sit back and relax while ProofEasy works in the background to generate a distinct hash code for the uploaded document and place it on the blockchain.

6. Once the document digital is ready (again, it takes mere seconds and you’ll be able to see its status change on the dashboard), decide how you’d like to share the document. You can either share it directly through the platform or copy the secured document’s link and share it however you please. You can even download it and attach it in your emails and messages if that’s your go-to.


Don’t worry your documents will be secure and can only be accessed by authorized individuals. ProofEasy takes care of this through OTP (one-time password).

The best part, though? You can ProofEasy for a FREE trial before committing to any of our pricing plans. Our customizable API layer makes it easy to integrate the software with your existing IT infrastructure.  More importantly, this robust solution also allows you to generate verifiable credentials (blockchain-backed digital certificates).

You get to define the template, choose the customizable fields, share the file containing pertinent details, and focus your time and energy on more productive tasks while ProofEasy generates all your certificates (in bulk!).

Sign up on ProofEasy today or contact the customer support center to begin securing your documents and issuing digital certificates.