About ProofEasy!

ProofEasy provides an innovative way to secure, share and verify documents using patented blockchain technology.

blockchain encrypted document
blockchain secure qr code

The ProofEasy Story

ProofEasy provides cutting edge document verification platform that aims to eliminate document forgeries, frauds and counterfeits. With this platform, we change the way proof of authentication is validated. ProofEasy removes the bottleneck in fraud prevention by eliminating the need for third-party verification.

Our Team

ProofEasy is comprised of a team of experts from top firms globally. We have years of experience helping firms secure their highly confidential data and documents in the cloud. We have the expertise to adapt to market changes and the impact it has on businesses. We listen to customer needs and develop blockchain document management solutions that can be adapted to a multitude of business applications.

blockchain secure qr code
blockchain secure qr code

Our Technology Consulting and Software Development Services

We offer dependable software solutions and services from vision to code and everything in between the Software Development Life Cycle. 

Design and Develop

From foundational software to advanced mobile application, from services to digital ecosystems we deliver exceptional experiences that transform our customer businesses.

Integrate and Manage

Disparate systems and legacy applications create silos that hamper business processes. We help you in reinventing business operations by achieving holistic IT delivery.

Advisory and Consulting

Handling the technology imperative can be daunting due to rapid changes in the market. We help align techno-commercial strategies with your business goals.Delivering quality solutions to web-based entities & firms.

Secure your Business

Ensuring your business is secure and optimized for your customer needs can be daunting. We work with you to come up with a custom solution such as document authentication QR code, etc. that fits within in your firewall and network.

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