Unlock Your Path to Easily Verifiable Credentials

ProofEasy’s blockchain-based certificate solution helps you seamlessly distribute customized, tamper-proof digital certificates that can be verified within seconds.

What is a Verifiable Credential?

A verifiable credential is the online equivalent of a paper certificate. ProofEasy helps you issue and record verifiable credentials on a blockchain to make them fraud-proof and immutable. As it is hosted on a decentralized ledger, the credentials of the digital certificate can be easily verified using the unique QR code stamped on it.

Why Use ProofEasy to Create Your Verifiable Credential?

API Integration

Easily integrate ProofEasy’s enterprise-level API layer with your existing software.

Dynamic Customization

Create and distribute bespoke verifiable credentials tailored to your organization’s branding and style.

Instantaneous Verification

Embed unique, verifiable QR codes directly on the verifiable credential to enable third-party stakeholders to verify credentials in real-time.

Save Costs

Eliminate the hassles and costs associated with manual authentication by digitizing the issuance of tamper-proof, blockchain-stored e-certificates.

Enhanced Ease and Convenience

Save and store your documents digitally on the blockchain network, permanently exterminating the risk of misplacing or losing certificates.

Easy Sharing

Share your e-certificates directly through the portal with a few clicks, or download a copy and share it across your network.

Highest Security and Compliance

Build trust and immutability by issuing verifiable credentials meeting the highest industry compliance, security, and privacy standards.

Before ProofEasy



Ease of Verification






After ProofEasy



Ease of Verification






How Does ProofEasy's Verifiable Credential Solution Work?

Getting started on designing and distributing your customized verifiable credentials is a breeze on ProofEasy’s user-friendly interface.
Step 1

Signup/Log in

Fill in the key account details to get started on your digital document certification journey.

Step 2

Design Selection

Specify field categories and design of the certificates to help us create unique templates based on your requirements.

Step 3

Upload Documents

Upload the CSV file you need the data pulled from. Now, sit back and relax while ProofEasy issues your certificates with unique QR codes and secures them on the blockchain.

Step 4

Issue and Verify

Issue and share the issued verifiable credential with authorized users, or copy the link and share it across your network. Its authenticity can be verified by scanning the QR code that links it back to the document secured on the blockchain.

Note: These steps are for CSV integration only. The steps can be tailored for API integration

How Our Blockchain Certification is Transforming Industries

Food and Safety Compliance

Certify the accuracy and immutability of critical compliance certifications, such as GFSI certificates, HACCP, allergen statements, and ingredient declarations.


Maintain student records, create a smart contract-based evaluation, and prevent forgery of degree certificates and diplomas across universities and MOOCS-based online education.

Financial Services

Keep account statements, invoices, trade documents, and financials fully secure by storing them on a distributed ledger, eliminating all sources of fraudulent duplication.

verification certificate online


Improve prescription legibility through advanced document scanning processes and certify documents, including diagnosis and lab reports, for higher authenticity, without compromising data privacy.


Protect insurance policies and claim settlement documents against forgery and data theft through our patented QR code that verifies credentials recorded on the decentralized ledger.

Certification Bodies

Fully secure and fraud-proof your sensitive data on licenses, accreditation certificates, permits, and any changes across the years, by storing them on the blockchain and embedding unique QR codes for easy verification.

HR and Payroll

Keep employees’ personal information stored in pay slips, job letters, experience letters, reference letters, and disciplinary records, secure, immutable, and verifiable through blockchain-driven document certification processes.

Real Estate

Build trust among stakeholders by securely storing all financial documents on a distributed ledger and painlessly sharing the latest documented changes without risking data leaks, manipulation, or fraud.

Legal/ Contract

Easily certify legal and contractual documents through the unique hash value assigned to all credentials scanned and stored on the blockchain-based cloud-sharing platform.

Will/ Estate

Certify the accuracy and immutability of critical compliance certifications, such as GFSI certificates, HACCP, allergen statements, and ingredient declarations.

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