E-Certificates on Blockchain

Looking for the easiest way to secure and share your certificates? You’ve landed on the right page. ProofEasy leverages blockchain technology to sign, notarize & timestamp sensitive information digitally. That’s not all! It also ensures that a certificate is valid and up to date.


Safety & Compliance

Using ProofEasy, you can create, issue and store e-certificates compliant with current regulations. Our data security practices are of the same standard as most blockchain organizations.


Efficiency & Cost Savings

With ProofEasy, you can save time and money when creating, issuing, and storing certificates. Since there is no need for printing, mailing, or storing paper certificates, your business can reduce costs associated with these activities and increase work efficiency.


Convenience & Flexibility

ProofEasy allows you to create, issue, and store e-certificates conveniently from anywhere. There is also no risk of losing or misplacing a certificate since it is stored on blockchain, ensuring that all your secured certificates are immutable.

ProofEasy: E-Certificates For Everyone

ProofEasy is an e-certificate software that enables you to make a difference. It serves across a wide range of industries, including

Webinar & Conference

Participation certificates for conferences and webinars.


Certificates of completion on completing a class or course.

Alternative Education

Certificates of completion for alternative educational programs.

Corporate Training

Training certificates issued by the company.

Universities & Postgraduate

Diploma certificates upon the completion of studies at a university.

Symposia & Events

Participation certificates from a symposium or an online/offline event.

Workshops & Bootcamps

Participation certificates from workshops and seminars.


Certificates verifying the ability to use technology, product, or program across industries.

Safety & Compliance

Generate unhackable certificates for all your safety & compliance needs.

Regulatory Bodies

Certificates for securely issuing various types of regulatory certificates.

Licenses & Permits

Certificates for validating licenses & permits.

blockchain secure QR code

Ease of Sharing

Using ProofEasy, you can easily share e-certificates via email or links with anyone. The shareable link can be effortlessly shared on social media, showcasing your many achievements and giving you boasting rights. You can also print them out to build a strong portfolio of your accomplishments.

QR code certificate verification

Ease of Verification

Your e-certificates can be verified using any QR code scanning app. The instant QR code verification & validation process is facilitated using patented blockchain technology. So, unlike with paper certificates, there's no need for you to contact an issuing authority to check its validity, making the validation process quick, efficient, as well as time and cost-effective.

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