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Documentation in the Real Estate industry has been vulnerable to fraud for years. Creating a secure and safe environment for the client comprising the process of documentation, managing resources, and capital as well as rendering quality products is the need of the hour. Blockchain technology can help Real Estate businesses get rid of documentation woes.

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Major Challenges

If you are from the Real Estate industry, you must already know the hassles of arranging funds for businesses and the amount of documentation involved in it. However, this documentation is highly vulnerable to fraud and tampering, which can make you suffer huge losses.

The involvement of a lot of documentation makes the entire business process slow which leads to less efficiency and more cost.

ProofEasy As A Solution

ProofEasy helps in securing all your Real Estate agreements and contracts, and other sensitive documents, like sale deeds and title deeds within a few seconds. It removes all sorts of third-party intervention and gives you absolute control over all your documents. With its unique QR code and blockchain technology, it makes all your uploaded documents secure and immutable. It is cost-effective too, since it can be integrated with your existing systems, thus eliminating the need for a new infrastructure.
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Let's look at a few more ways in which ProofEasy can help in details below:

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Secured documentation for financial exchanges

ProofEasy provides you with trustworthy and honest documentation for the Real Estate industry. It uses Blockchain technology to ensure tamper-proof documentation and security of documents that have been edited, reviewed and delivered. With ProofEasy’s blockchain protection, you can rest assured that your documents are safe.

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Secured and reliable documentation for many at a time.

ProofEasy’s blockchain technology helps you make your Real Estate related documents tamper-proof and secure by making them instantly verifiable. Digital transfer of contracts also means that the document passes through multiple hands. You can share and verify the recorded data without the fear of leakage. It also makes information sharing among project members easier and faster.

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Speeds up the Whole Process

Physical transfer of documentation is time-consuming whereas ProofEasy helps us by providing a quicker document transfer service. It saves your time and makes the process cost-efficient. It also helps reduce costs as the process gets automated.

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Higher data accessibility

ProofEasy lets only authorized users access the secured contracts and other sensitive data, making data accessibility easier and safer. Secure data accessibility increases transparency, and helps make better investment decisions and portfolio management.


If you belong to the Real Estate industry and are facing the same problems, you can make your business safer, and more reliable with the help of ProofEasy’s blockchain technology. It can help create an environment for the easy exchange and distribution of real estate documents.

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