Critical Role of Blockchain Technology in Cloud Storage

Blockchain Technology in Cloud Storage

Blockchain technology has transformed the Internet. It is an innovative and ingenious technology that permits the distribution of data blocks across ledgers without any central administering authority. In this, the participants validate the data, and hence the entire data is open and safe. 

Cryptocurrency, which includes blockchain technology, gathers most of the attention from the media. However, blockchain is not just limited to cryptocurrency anymore. The practical use of blockchain technology in cloud computing and storage is also quite significant. It can transform massive amounts of data processing and control documents cost-effectively and securely, like ensuring blockchain encrypted documents.

Working of Blockchain in Cloud Storage  

The Blockchain cloud storage solutions gather the user’s data and fragment it into tiny pieces. It strengthens the Security of the data and gets distributed across the network. It is possible only using blockchain features such as the hashing function, public or private key encryption and transaction ledgers. 

Each fragment gets stored in a decentralized location. Even when the intruders try to hack it, they first encounter the encrypted data. It is then only that they can access a portion of the data and not the entire file. Yes, it is how secure the data is once you store it on the cloud with Blockchain. Since everything is decentralized, no hacker can access the complete information or data even if they hack a system.

Efficient Ownership Tracking

Together, blockchain technology and cloud storage can create numerous opportunities to manage valuable things efficiently. For example, it ensures you have effective stock ownership, real estate titles, and all kinds of legal agreements. The good part is all your data stays tamper-proof

Better Level of Security 

The Blockchain removes the requirement for trusted third parties. Hence, you get a logged as well as timestamped transaction. Nobody can change it because every node across the network has a complete copy of the data. Continuous verification keeps the records and data accurate. Hence, it ensures secure cloud file storage. Even if a person needs to access data stored in the cloud, they would have to scan the secure QR code. If the hash on the code matches with the secure QR code on the blockchain network, only then the data will unfold. Hence, there remains complete Security of data.

Moreover, point-to-point encryption aids in keeping data secure both when it is in transit and is in storage. The transaction with Blockchain is a powerful way to keep the transaction data and the ordering of the transactions safe. Similarly, P2P stable distribution of undistinguishable Blockchain blocks across a cloud computing network ensures a third layer of Security.

The Bottom Line 

The power of Blockchain’s technology does not lie in its heavy encryption; what makes it more compelling is that distribution across a chain of computers becomes hard to hack. Blockchain is a self-verifying consecutive storage scheme that you can use to record transactions unalterably, secure cloud file sharing, ownership or identity, negotiate and apply contracts and more. Please find out how you can use this technology here with ProofEasy.