Why to Use a Blockchain-Based Secure QR Code?

blockchain secure qr code integration

Blockchain is a computer networking technology that forms a full, immutable record of transactions that all participants in the network use and share in real-time. A blockchain is necessarily a distributed ledger that is encrypted, coordinated, and shared among all participants in the network.

There is the creation of an original record, or block, including time-stamped information about each transaction among participants. Then, any change creates a new block associated with the previous block. It creates a chain of blocks displaying all transactions that are there. For example, you can enter digitized product information in each step of the food supply process from the farm to that of the consumer into the blockchain. The information captured in each transaction turns out to be a permanent record that nobody can alter without altering all subsequent blocks and the agreement of the network participants. It averts participants from altering the records. Hence, the blockchain allows trust based on the network rather than a dominant authority.

For example, if you have blockchain secure QR code integration in your documents or files, you can ensure a tamper-proof experience. Nobody can access the data unless they scan the QR code. The secure QR code reveals the data or document only if the hashtag matches with the; hashtag of the QR code on the blockchain network. Hence, it ensures a tamper-proof experience.

QR Codes empowered with Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain technology is radical in itself and getting used in several industries. Presently blockchain technology is working much for addressing the challenges in securing the documents and data of users. Blockchain is adopting systems to avert aggressive cyber-attack crimes. QR codes, together with blockchain technology, can upgrade the security system.

Usage of Secure QR code in Multiple Industries

The blockchain technology solutions like encrypted QR codes can play a crucial role in any industry. Banking, Agriculture, healthcare, education, e-commerce, property, retail, mining, transport and logistics, media and entertainment, automotive- and the list goes on. A full understanding of its implementation will yield the areas where you can apply it and how.

For example, if you have medical certificates and documents, you can apply Secure QR codes on them. in this way, only authorized people can access the data. Moreover, nobody can make any changes in the document because of the permanent nature of blockchain. Similarly, no matter education, finance or any other field, you can use a secure QR code generator and put QR codes on your certificate documents and confidential files to avert forgery.

Similarly, with blockchain, transaction validation is possible only if a set of pre-defined conditions meet. After meeting the conditions, the actions automatically activate, for example, in any insurance-claim playout. The insurance provider can set the specific conditions to meet for insurance claims. The amount will transfer only if the consumer’s claims meet the conditions set in the contract. Other areas where you can implement it are cash-equity trading, music releases, etc.

The Bottom Line

With blockchain technology, everything from document security to safe transactions is possible. A single secure QR code can bring efficiency, transparency, effectiveness and security to the entire procedure. To know more, visit ProofEasy and bring QR codes onboard for your business.