Why is Blockchain Technology Beneficial for Education Sector?

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The education industry has achieved much weightage, just like other industries like finance and healthcare. But this industry owns many areas that require improvement using advanced technologies.

The covid19 pandemic has massively affected educational institutions across the globe. The widespread use of digital technology in education is all over the place. However, the education field, specifically higher education institutions, is experiencing numerous data security issues. Forgery of resumes and e-certificate, students using social networks to embellish real skills, keeping paper copies of diplomas, and more on the rise. The speeding up of the digital transformation of education sector institutions is the main challenge in recent years. For the storage aspect, transmission and verification of data are at its heart.

Blockchain technology is even known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It can prove to be a perfect solution amidst the digital transformation. It can help the sector in the following ways:

Securely Storing Student Records

Manually storing the student’s records is time-consuming, tedious, and takes a lot of effort of administrators. Yet, there is no end of records in education institutions. With the usage of blockchain technology, you can uphold the assets like attendance sheets, kinds of courses, tuition charges, coursework, and even their diploma in the personal blockchain record. Similarly, there is proper security of documents like you can use Qr code certificate verification and nobody can get unlawful access to them. For example, once you place a QR code on any degree, certificate, or document, other people can access it only if they scan it. The scanner will reveal the data once the hash value of the secure QR code matches the hash value of the secure code on the blockchain network. Otherwise, it would stay hidden. Hence, blockchain makes documents immutable.

Complete Follow-up of Education

Blockchain provides access at all times, and hence it allows any candidate to present their portfolio of skills and diplomas efficiently when looking for a job. Similarly, it offers unparalleled information accuracy available with a single tap or click. One can easily access the transcripts, diploma supplement, skills acquired, and more. With blockchain, an application becomes enhanced with both tangible and unforgettable elements.

Smart Contracts Enhance Students Accountability  

Teachers can use blockchain smart contracts to enter into digital agreements with students related to completing their tasks. All of the assignment needs, including the instructions, due date, conditions, and deadlines, are spelled out in the agreement. Once a student completes the task, fulfilling all the terms in the agreement, they automatically get access to the next part of the course or get a credit and completion certificate. Eventually, smart contracts can help in providing individualized learning inside a conventional classroom setup and create the motivational element that is missing in conventional education systems.

Protection of Copyright & Digital Rights

Blockchain can store student data, a student’s certificates, and credentials, such as their grades. This way, you can secure educational documents with blockchain. Blockchain technology can monitor and facilitate school, college, and university permission, certain intellectual property rights, and avert transcript and diploma forgery. Also, educational institutions and future employers can access and transmit Educational records that blockchain has stored by scanning a secure QR code. Hence, no need to contact the educational institution that issues an educational document; the employer should have access to the digital certificate.

The Bottom Line                                         

Blockchain technology can have a trans formative effect on the education sector using QR codes in education. The technology streamlines record keeping and sharing, grows security and improves trust, simplifies the hiring process, and gives students ownership of their educational records for life. To know more about uses of qr codes in education contact ProofEasy and choose the right blockchain path.