Documents identity theft / duplication, data forgery, leakage, storage, fake certificates & documents etc., are just some of the problems faced by firms & institutions all over the world. These seemingly insignificant problems might end up costing you dearly, and in some cases, even your business. With ProofEasy, you can secure all of your sensitive data/documents or certificates, without having to shell out any extra money for its integration. ProofEasy easily integrates with your existing applications, and employs Blockchain technology to make your documents truly immutable and unhackable. It’s patented QR code technology generates a unique QR code each time, and encrypts and secures your sensitive files, so that you can rest easy. Don’t just take our word for it; try it out for free now or take a look at the innerworkings of ProofEasy below. Scroll down to know how to identify fake documents at our micro QR code generator enabled platform.
blockchain secure qr code

Uploading the Document

Click on Register tab
Click on Register/Login as per your convenience.
Enter user details or business details as required. After entering the details click on Register for Free Trial.
Click on the arrow to upload supported files from your computer.
Enter File Name and Description. Click on Upload & Generate QR.
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blockchain secure documents
blockchain encrypted document
blockchain secure qr code
blockchain encrypted qr code

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Generating QR code

Your unique QR Code has been generated. You can place the QR Code anywhere on the document.
Enter additional verification details, like Description and its Details. You can also click on the + sign to add multiple details
You can also click on the private document to share it only with authorized email IDs. You can also click on the + sign to add multiple emails. Click on Submit button
blockchain secure qr code integration
qr code certificate verification
making blockchain encrypted qr code

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Verification through QR code

A confirmation message is displayed and a verification email will be sent to you.
You can access the document by clicking on the verification link sent to the authorized email ID.
Enter the authorised email address and then click on View Document.
Please enter the OTP sent to the authorized email address and click on Verify.
You will be directed to the page where you can view & download the original document. The verification details of your document, including Transaction ID, Hash Value, and Blockchain ID will be displayed here.
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e-certificate blockchain verification
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documents identity theft
blockchain document security in singapore

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Verification on Blockchain

Verify on the Blockchain
Click on Verify on Blockchain to get the Blockchain details of the file.
blockchain secure documents singapore
blockchain document Singapore city

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Sharing the secured doc

You can Copy Link, Download the secure document, Verify and Share directly from the portal/through Private Document sharing (if you’d shared the document privately while securing it).

Now that you've secured your document, how would you like to share it

  • Directly through the portal
  • Copy the Link and share it via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc
  • Download the document and then share it
  • Through Private Document Sharing
  • Verify it again
Secure qr code
blockchain secure qr code

It's as simple as that. Why don't you try it out for yourself?

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