Reasons Why Digital Certificates are the Future

Benefit of Digital Certificate

You might have heard that blockchain digital certificates are the future. But you might question what is digital certificate is and how it differs from regular digital certificates? Why is a digital certificate required? How are digital certificates verified? The most important thing to understand is that digital certificates on blockchain are adept at fighting against data breaches. 

Coming to what is a digital certificate using blockchain, these certificates are immutable, machine verifiable, and employ privacy-enhancing technologies like decentralized identifiers. They are instantly verified on a blockchain network and they’re required because the benefits of digital certificates are undeniable. It’s thanks to the advantages of digital certificates that they have become a necessary part of Web 3.0 and are paving the way forward.

Reasons Digital Certificates are the Future

Even though digital certificate blockchain has multiple benefits, we’ll be focusing on the two that are crucial to its future.

  • Makes Credential Verification Easier

Verifiers no longer have to bypass verification, take applicants at their word, or spend considerable money, time, and effort to verify credentials. Digital credentials blockchain can be verified instantly without the need for middlemen. Just imagine how effortless it’d be to verify certificates with just a single click.

Further, ProofEasy’s patented QR code technology simplifies this further. All you have to do is scan the unique QR code on the document and it’ll be automatically verified. The entire process will take seconds and won’t cost you anything.

  • Empowering Granular Authentication

Authenticating granular data like verifying a supplementary certificate against the candidate is challenging. This is especially time-consuming if the organization has to verify hundreds of such certifications. Maybe they’d be dedicated to authenticating a few applications in the beginning, but the process would devolve over time. 

However, with verifiable credentials, organizations can verify the credential without matching them to another candidate. The immutability of records is another bonus. Plus, if the issuer uses platforms like ProofEasy to issue digital certificates, authorized individuals can trace the document’s journey since its issuance. The added transparency fosters trust in the process.

Digital credentials also make it easy to track when the certificate was issued, for what purpose, by whom, and if it’s still valid. These seemingly innocent certificates are set to revolutionize the way documents are issued and authenticated while beating data frauds.

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