3 Most Important Digital Credentialing Trends Set to Rule 2024

Digital Credentials Trends to know

Verifiable credentials blockchain is changing the way organizations issue, verify, and store digital documents. Blockchain digital credentials are tamper-proof, can be verified by machines, and employ privacy-enhancing technologies like decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

Sensing the many digital credentials benefits, organizations across the globe are embracing digital credentials blockchain with open arms. So, it’s only right we explore the most important digital credentialing trends set to rule 2024. Let’s begin!

3 Digital Credentials Trends Organizations Should Know About

Here are the digital credentialing trends organizations should know about:

  • Digital Badges

Digital badges empower learners to follow their personalized learning journey, giving them the courage to veer off course and take the path they think would best serve their educational needs. On the other, they’re making it easier for educational institutions, training centers, and employers to curate tailored learning paths and encourage the candidates to continue moving forward by awarding them a digital badge for every hurdle they overcome.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supports Credential Assessment

If organizations integrate AI with credential verification services, it’ll become painless for verifiers to verify digital credentials and assess them. This can be especially helpful when the verifier has to go through hundreds (or thousands) of submitted documents.

Simply put, AI supports verification certificate online possible. Trained AI models can also detect fraudulent activities, effectively boosting the security of blockchain-based digital credentials.

  • Empowers Interconnected Systems

Earlier, organizations had to rely on a whole suit of solutions to generate, share, sign, and verify credentials. Worse, a digital credential, certificate, or badge issued by one organization was seldom accepted by another without further proof. Verifiable credentials simplify the process and empower interconnectivity between systems. To elaborate, verifiable credentials are recognized across the board irrespective of their issuance. This property also makes it possible for organizations in varied niches to communicate with each other.

Verifiable credentials are changing the online certificate industry for the better and can be the ultimate checkmate for data fraud instigators. Ready to get started on your verifiable credential journey? Try out ProofEasy’s verifiable credential solution. The API is 100% customizable so you’ll face no issues integrating it with your existing IT infrastructure. Plus, the solution is priced competitively and is powered by patented technology.