Future-proof your organization and turn paperless using blockchain technology:


Shifting To Paperless Environments:

In the constantly evolving world the only constant is change. As we begin to embrace technology and make it a part and parcel of our daily life, it becomes imperative to innovate and adapt from time to time.

Important documents have traditionally been printed and filed and tucked away into endless heaps of records, thereby making it very difficult to access them in the future and refer to them with some ease. As technology comes to offer a helping hand, we are slowly but surely moving from physical files towards digitizing documents.

This tectonic shift to a paperless environment is a big milestone in the way we preserve and access our documents. These documents gain sizable importance in case of Law Firms and Financial Institutions. This enables firms to carryout business in an optimized environment, saving both time and money as well as adding an additional layer of security.

What is your industry currently using:

The current pandemic has changed the way we live, behave and work and what it means to live in a connected and resilient urban environment. Now more than ever, Law and Financial organizations are attempting to change the way we use technology for the benefit of professionals .

We are slowly but surely adapting technology available to shift online and become paperless. ProofEasy offers a technology for seamlessly converting paper contracts to pdf formats.

How to ensure your documents are secure & verifiable:

1. ProofEasy powered by Blockchain technology offers a secure and verifiable mode of ensuring how all important documents can be stored for the future.

2. This technology ensures end to end encryption and security for all your important documents which will be stored in the safe environs of the cloud.

3. The documents stored with the help of Blockchain technology ensures the verifiability aspect of all documents which are important for Law firms and Banking institutions

Learn how ProofEasy allows for a seamless switch to the cloud:

This process takes a matter of minutes, simply setup an account with ProofEasy and follow the steps mentioned hereunder to create your BlockChain verified document:-

1. Drag and Drop the Document into the ProofEasy application.

2. Place a Barcode anywhere on the document as per your standards.

3. Name your file as per your Nomenclature or standard filing process.

4. Submit

The key benefits of going paperless include:

1. Knowledge transfer within your firm – by having all key contracts and documents on the cloud, all employees who have authorization have access to information

2. Cost savings – there are resource efficiencies resulting from not having to store documents locally and keep them organized

3. Security – this one may be considered the most important aspect as storing documents and contracts locally puts files at risk for being lost, misplaced or compromised. Your files are safe and secure on the clouds.