8 Online document storage challenges and how ProofEasy can overcome them

Online document storage


Over the last few decades, communication via electronic media has assumed a special place in human interaction systems. Now, in the wake of the global economy’s current situation, it has somehow become even more apparent that the only way to conduct any meaningful transactions and lead a successful business organization is via the internet. Business transactions and many personal documentation processes need to be performed away from the offline space for several reasons. In a time like this, it becomes necessary that anyone who wishes to achieve any clarity in personal or professional communication must be aware only of how to conduct successful communication and ensure that it happens in an environment of safety and security. With this in mind, another requirement for all users online is the necessity of online storage.

Users of digital media can come across several issues while using storage systems that function online. Even though it is becoming widely accepted that online storage systems are better than traditional storage methods, there is still a long way to go before these systems can be trusted with complete conviction. There is a general belief that online transactions, communication, and storage are not safe, and a lot of real-life cases of hacking, manipulation, and fraud go on to show that the fears aren’t misplaced. Primarily, the fear of sensitive documents being hacked, files being purposefully corrupted, and documents being altered without the owner’s knowledge or consent are common problems. The security of data has been a constant area of concern. Several different kinds of storage solutions have been extended in recent times, and it is a relief to know that some such technology exists which can ease the anxious users’ troubled minds. Of course, not all predicted solutions are entirely trustworthy. But the use of blockchain and hash technology, paired with generated QR codes, have been proven to be reasonably reliable in the long run.

At RightCliQ, we try to use both the technologies mentioned above to ensure a safe and secure online environment for our clients. This software development and consulting service provided by us hold an industry-agnostic appeal and offer SaaS (Software as a service) web applications that generate instantly verifiable proofs of authentication for any and every kind of document. The product responsible for this helpful service is called ProofEasy, and it is our most popular one. With the help of VeriDoc Global’s patented QR code verification system, it works towards transparency in exchanges and elimination of counterfeits and fraudulent practices. Mentioned below is a comprehensive list of some of the common problems faced by users concerning online storage systems and how the application of ProofEasy can help overcome those challenges. The purpose of this list is to show how our application undertook the responsibilities can be helpful in multifaceted ways.

8 challenges that ProofEasy can help overcome

1. Digitization of data How does ProofEasy help the digitization of documents for different kinds of industries? The traditional ways of handling data are not only time-consuming but also not sustainable in any way. Let’s think of actual storage rooms in organizations with files falling on top of each other, each one trying to secure space from another. We could think of several issues which could be accompanying such a system. Firstly, the possibility of reference is almost lost since looking up an already filed-up document is a hassle in itself. Second, the case of human errors, losing, damaging, and misplacement of documents isn’t a farfetched scenario. Further, we can also talk about using paper-based documentation as a process: it’s not sustainable for either the organization or the environment. This is why most industries nowadays have shifted to the digitized way of storing important documents. But, even in the digital format, several problems can plague the minds of the users. Now, let’s say we have managed to deal with all the possibilities of human errors in the process of filing up-. Are we then wholly safe? The answer to this question is simple as it is easy for people to hack into storage systems. No matter how bulky the data is, no matter how tedious the process of saving them might have been, it wouldn’t take much time for a skilled hacker with the proper software to get into the systems and retrieve data for whatever means. ProofEasy, with the help of secure AWS servers, keeps the uploaded data on the cloud infrastructure, which would be acquired through a one-time payment contract. Amazon Web Servers (AWS) have their mission set at having companies move away from the traditional data storage systems and online storage facilities. RightCliQ harbors a similar goal of helping clients save time and space by working towards an efficient storage method. The technology is, of course, available for use by all, but it could be beneficial for industries that face a lot of data traffic regularly. The most significant benefit of a digital database is that it ensures documentation without worrying about accuracy, space issues, and unlawful acquisition. 2. Social distancing Why is it essential to avoid face-to-face interaction in business exchanges in this day and age? Social distancing has become an integral part of our vocabulary and lives. It is not only a momentary issue that we are dealing with; the prediction is that even if the virus is dealt with shortly, it would be wise to maintain social distancing for as much we can. However, human interactions are integral to the functioning of any productive endeavor, and that is how we have understood life in the modern world. Since much data in a ‘socially distanced’ world is generated online, there need to be solutions that help users use storage systems remotely. With the help of a blockchain system, ProofEasy can ensure that several users can access the document stored on our cloud infrastructure. The data is accessible, but it also guarantees no tampering of records without the knowledge of all the users on the chain. Checkpoints on the blockchain check the validity of proof on every step and inform the user(s) of the slightest alterations. Because of the increasing necessity of reducing face-to-face interactions, people often involve third parties in the equations of their personal or public transactions. Such involvement places sensitive data at the risk of being utilized by malicious elements and costs a lot of money. Users usually feel helpless against the overwhelming need to ensure data security. Still, with the help of ProofEasy, it becomes easy to eliminate such third-party involvement because the process can be administered very quickly by the immediate user(s) involved in the creation of the document itself. This is extra helpful when we talk about legal documents, especially if the original creator is absent due to some inescapable reason. Fraudulent third parties can tamper records like Wills to use them for their benefits- or to the benefits of people who might employ them to do so. Our services ensure that no document, irrespective of the creator’s physical state, is ever tampered with without knowing those who originally submitted the document and their beneficiaries 3. Upskilling The simple nature of uploading and saving documents would help employees learn anew to use this new technology to be more productive in their workplace. Not being able to deal with new systems introduced in professional spaces often leads to frustration, confusion, ill-feeling, and dissatisfaction among the employees who are on the receiving end of the failure. Services promising help to people by leveraging new technologies must make a more straightforward system valuable and make a part of their regular work life. Not to mention, for people looking for jobs, having the skill to use software that can provide instantly verifiable security must be considered Another problem which industries face nowadays, especially concerning older clients, is the issue of upskilling. Continuous on-the-job training is always necessary for enterprises to match their steps with time progression, and the newest technologies are sometimes difficult for the employees to grasp. This is why it is pertinent for employers to introduce their staff to systems that can be easily accessed and adapted by them. The four-step process is as follows:
    • Uploading: It just requires you to simply ‘drag and drop’ the document into the ProofEasy application system. The number of documents uploaded every day is decided based on the user’s package, but all different formats are allowed.
    • Placing of the QR code: A unique QR code is generated, which can be placed on any available space on the document because document formats vary, and being able to have the decision of placement on their side satisfies the user further.
    • Using blockchain and hash: A blockchain ID is attached to the document and a verification certificate that the client can use to verify documents sent across the chain. The verification can be done on all different points (nodes) across it, and any information on change or alteration will be sent to all users immediately.
    • Downloading and sharing: Once named and uploaded, users receive instant verification. This final process notifies everyone in possession of the original document or the shared ones. Here, the one extra step of patented QR code verification makes the process even more safe and satisfactory.
The simple four-step process is easy to learn and keep doing. It also benefits the company by maintaining positive feelings among the employees who experience a sense of confidence in handling the whole process independently and with such ease. If there are instances in which the user has any trouble trying to get the procedure done, they can seek help from the 24/7 customer service, which is provided for anyone who becomes a customer of our service 4. Validation of proof- the use of Public-key cryptography and blockchain technology in validating proofs. ProofEasy makes sure that the documents, once uploaded to our systems, cannot be tampered with by a third party who is not supposed to be involved in the exchanges. By placing the document on a blockchain, what happens is that the process of getting and validating proof becomes distributed. This technology uses a combination of anti-fraud software and Distributed Ledger Technology. This protocol allows simultaneous access to the data across the entire network. It is, of course, consensually shared across all different locations (be it geographical or online) and makes the nature of the process democratic in its functioning. Unlike the centralized ledger systems, the distributed ones make the storage of data much safer. It uses public-key cryptography to make an end to end encryptions possible with zero knowledge protocols making the process even more secured. Every participant on the blockchain would have access to the original document. Still, they cannot make any change to it without the knowledge of it being shared over the entire network- this allows for the possibility of witnesses during the transaction process. The verification engine on the web helps to authenticate a hash from the chain and display the original, uncorrupted document, just the way it was uploaded and submitted to ProofEasy. Zero-knowledge protocols are another unique way of ensuring that the generation of proof does not require sensitive knowledge to be revealed. What that means is that by this process, we can let someone know of our reception of a particular message without having to show the exact details of the statement in question.
  • Statistics on blockchain technology’s varied applications: more and more industries across different sectors use blockchain technology over traditional centralized ledger systems. The graph below shows the use of this technology across various platforms:

Benefits of Advanced Blockchain System

Source: Business insider: The growing list of applications and use blockchain technology cases in business and life. 5. Availability Several companies struggle with space issues because of the traffic in exchanges. ProofEasy can provide access to the AWS cloud system, allowing them to grow by signing a one-time payment contract. Think about things as simple as the available storage spaces on our own devices, laptops, cell phones, and personal computers. After a few years of use, the storage runs out, and there is the whole issue of buying storage on online spaces or investing in more and more hard drives. But this process needs to be repeated several times in the span of the device’s functioning. With business enterprises, the problem of storage is much worse- with the amount of data they generate on exchanges, filing, and transactions, it is almost impossible to function without the help of external storage systems. One of the many benefits of using ProofEasy is that they also make available Amazon Web Servers (AWS) cloud infrastructures to their clients. The documents uploaded to the application and finally submitted along with the unique QR code are uploaded to Amazon’s cloud and can be accessed by them whenever required. Access to Amazon’s Cloud system can be gained via a one-time investment only. The contract that the user signs with the help of ProofEasy is a once-in-a-productive lifetime investment that clients make and then can quickly grow into it as the size of their company increases, along with the necessity for storage increases as well. 6. Anxieties around trusting cloud systems online As mentioned, companies indeed need a lot of storage space at their disposal. Still, at the same time, one must admit that the sensitive nature of some of the data exchanged and stored makes for the requirement of having their cloud storage infrastructure. ProofEasy also provides the custom integration service of having the documents stored on one’s cloud system. With more and more cases of data manipulation and usage by companies to tamper with our everyday choices, there have recently been users who wish to take control of their data into their own hands. But this doesn’t remove the requirement of online, or at least digital storage, and the protection of the data thus stored. So, the question that many people look towards answering is whether it will be possible for their institution (or their exchanges) to be able to protect and digitally store their data while also having the benefit of keeping things under their control. ProofEasy answers this question by making possible custom integration. This promise is that if a client wished to store the now protected documents on their servers because of the fears mentioned above, there is an option to make that possible. They could integrate their storage infrastructure with our cloud. They could even choose API integration to secure the document on their servers. Customized integration of the final documents is also a service most cherished by users of different kinds. It isn’t only the issue of trusting an online server but also the contention in the knowledge that the option of complete control of one’s data is not that impossible of demand, make them feel safer as clients. 7. Data fraud and hacking All different kinds of sensitive documents can be protected, irrespective of the creator. There is almost too much fear-mongering around the risks of exchanging and sharing documents online, and obviously, the anxieties are understandable. As the amount of data traffic increases, it also increases the possibility of this data being hacked and used for evil means. The availability of software that helps people fall into the systems of all kinds of organizations has made the climate in the data economy even tense. People know that once uploaded, even if it is to a private cloud infrastructure, there is hardly any guarantee that no one will access their raw data without their consent. We try to provide a solution that can guide clients out of these issues. VeriDoc Global’s technology ProofEasy attempts to eliminate all possible counterfeits and unauthorized distribution of data. Certain kinds of information that get generated every time a QR code is scanned can lead to valuable data that can then be processed through analytics to find and eliminate counterfeits. For instance, if there is information of how many times the code was scanned, at what exact time and location, and whether it was the same device or different devices or not, then we can translate that information into knowledge. Still, at the same time, then one of those scanners has to be producing a counterfeit. This was only just one example of how the scanned QR code can become indispensable to the data proof industry in the coming years. VeriDoc Global opines that Big data and predictive modeling can even ensure that counterfeits can even be prevented from happening.
  • Statistics on ‘Big Data Market Revenue Forecast Worldwide From 2011 to 2027 (in billion U.S. dollars)’.

Impact of Decentralization on Revenue Forecast

source: VeriDoc Global: Blockchain Meets Big Data and Analytics 8. Affordability The pricing of ProofEasy makes it affordable for smaller businesses to avail of our services. Finally, another issue that most businesses deal with is that of making their enterprise cost-efficient. If the security and safety of their transactions, exchanges, and most importantly, storage require a lot of money, this could potentially harm the business’s overall success. This is why working with ProofEasy is preferred by companies of all kinds, especially new ones and smaller ones because our pricing is affordable. Even the Premium pack costs only $99 every month, while the Basic package costs $49 and the Starter pack is only just $19 per month. With rates such as these and the availability of 24/7 consultation and customer service for all the groups, the system is considered highly beneficial by existing clients. The number of documents allowed to be uploaded would vary with the price of the package. The most critical service that is the most vital in dealing with sensitive documents is provided indiscriminately to all: the customer service that includes consultation. Of course, we also allow the Trial pack, which lets the potential client upload 5 documents for free, no questions asked, no commitments. Our service’s affordability makes it more appropriate for our clients to use ProofEasy for their documentation, storage, and transaction necessities. Therefore, this is a fail-safe, affordable way to ensure safety in the documents’ online repository. To be able to afford a safe and secure system of data transfer and document storage solves the primary problem faced by most people who are starting as entrepreneurs who can not block their precious limited resources in just the one step of validating data, but that doesn’t mean that they can forego that step. The first milestone of achievement necessary for any organization to function today is to secure a loyal customer base. To secure a trusted brand name is also to be able to give the customers the benefit of proof, which can only be ensured with services that store and exchange documents and transactions with the promise of safety- completely fail-proof safety.


Why ProofEasy is a unique fit-all solution for storage and data protection-related issues?

RightCliQ’s most popular product brings you the one-stop solution for most problems you will face while accessing data storage facilities online. Our mission is to help our clients deal with the well-known fears of fraud, loss, duplicity, and corruption. Just like most functioning economies online, our clientele faces the question of how to make their own business accessible online while also making sure that their data is entirely safe. Of course, the clientele mentioned before is not just limited to business organizations; our services are available to and used by several different kinds of people. Some wish to make their correspondence secured, while others want to ensure that the documents one stores online do not tamper. Yet others feel the need to conduct transactions most transparently and democratically possible.

In the 8 points discussed here, we have tried to talk about the biggest hindrances faced by any industry in today’s economy- the issue of storage. Since it has become more or less universally accepted that traditional ways of storing documents are hardly sustainable, people have moved on to digital methods of reaching the same end. This is not to say that the problems don’t exist anymore. Instead, with the nebulous ways of using online storage systems, the many-headed demon of the online world’s issues also arises. Data fraud, systems being hacked, and manipulation of vulnerable data are some of them which have been mentioned here. To be able to deal with these problems is not impossible, but the solutions suggested either require third-party involvement or are extremely expensive in most cases. Both of these are separately problematic. While some organizations are reluctant to include third parties in their standard exchange procedures, others have the persistent issue of not investing so much just for data security. ProofEasy tries to provide adequate solutions for all these problems.

We at RightCliQ leverage public-key cryptography and use blockchain technology to ensure the security of our clients’ data. The end-to-end security encryption using asymmetric keys to secure confidential documents also uses a patented QR code to ensure that the document in question is not altered. VeriDoc Global’s quick response code is available for use in ProofEasy’s documents. The unique code makes possible a satisfactory way to deal with hacking and tampering of documents. With VeriDoc Global, RightCliQ arms our clients with the dual weapons of security and reliability in online data economies. The ultimate solutions provided are easy and straightforward to learn and an affordable way to deal with the possibilities of data hacking and fraud effectively. The same service software also provides clients with online storage space, which can even be extended. Some clients also have the problem of trusting online cloud storage infrastructures. For them, our services also make custom integration available, by which they can make use of all the steps which provide security to the documents and then place them in their trustworthy care.

To conclude, there are several issues in the online data economy, and several others are making their way into public concerns as time passes. At a time like this, when everything is in flux and documents are only a reference point for establishing trust in any functional relationship, software that helps make this process of securing and protecting documents kept in online storage is indispensable. Clients everywhere can find their complaints addressed in this end all service provided by ProofEasy at RightCliQ solutions.