MM Century is a company dealing with scrap processing in Penang, Malaysia. They have more than three decades of experience in metal recycling and host the infrastructure to serve all their customers' needs using state of the art technologies.


The client reached out to us with a use case to prevent unauthorised tampering of their environmental results. Importantly, the results are critical in terms of multiple health and safety regulations. Keeping this in mind, the client requires secure technology to prevent manipulation of key results leading to increased trust among multiple stakeholders.


Prevent unauthorised access of key results documents

A solution that is compliant with multiple environmental, health, and safety regulations and to align the trust of multiple stakeholders.


We came up with the following solutions to tackle MM Century’s challenges

Secure way to administer, verify and validate all the documents with global security and blockchain for file transfer between parties.

Automatic QR code generation that could be placed anywhere on the document thus, eliminating document duplicity.

Unalterable QR code due to the presence of a unique encrypted hashing.

Decentralized Blockchain technology, being an independent and trusted source of verification, is used to verify documents across the chain, which can be easily verified by anyone using a QR scanner app.

Zero paperwork involved to reduce unnecessary paper trails, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.


Reduction in document tampering and forged documents.

Increase in traceability as the certification is accredited with unique QR code and identifier.

Increase in trust and credibility since the results are protected by decentralized blockchain applications technology to prevent unauthorized manipulation.

Multi-level verification increases the transparency of the activities captured during the certification process. This includes visual inspection and verifying OORRIIGGIINNAALL FFAAKKEE the document details on blockchain.

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