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Even the most advanced business platforms have seen deliberate security breaches. In the middle of all this upheaval, like replacing paper-based processes and electronic signature solutions, the safety of business data has become an awful burden.

With the exception of more online purchases and remote work following the COVID-19 epidemic, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) reports that cybercriminals have used bad behavior data from consumers in companies for their copyright crimes. Criminals use these credentials and commit fraud and criminal attacks to rob vital information from businesses.

According to the ITRC 2020 Data Breach Report, by 2020, there will have been 1,108 data breaches. It has thus led to the need of changing the way documents are validated.

blockchain secure qr code integration in singapore
blockchain secure qr code in singapore


The fundamental challenge emerges in securing all proprietary data that are commonly used in dealings with third parties. At most times, documents are sent unencrypted for signing or verifying. Documents in any format can be hacked and manipulated.

ProofEasy As A Solution

ProofEasy will give your electronic and scanned document security – whether they are licenses, permits, professional certifications, accreditation, or any other printed and digital documents. It will also help to remove the burden of third-party verification. ProofEasy can also be integrated into any of the existing printing or document-generating systems. All data and information will remain on your server. The blockchain validation of ProofEasy adds a further transparency layer. The legitimacy of documents issued may be checked by any authorities or the general public instantly and can be integrated with your website. No new infrastructure is required, so it helps in keeping the costs low as well and verification can be done using a mobile phone using any QR code scanning reading app, you don’t have to download any other apps.
blockchain secure qr code integration in Singapore

Let’s look at a few ways in which ProofEasy can solve your problems:

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Easy & Safe Document Sharing

ProofEasy offers a robust interface for sending and receiving documents in a secure, centralized database. ProofEasy accelerates the time required to share and receive the document, and also safeguards against undesired abuse. You can also renounce your document when you feel that your file is being exploited.

blockchain technology in Singapore

Ensure Data Safety

ProofEasy uses blockchain technology to protect data from document forgery. Further, its efficient QR code scanning and hash values prevent documents from manipulation or modification. Because of the intricacy of the processing and storage, it becomes almost impossible for hackers to obtain the information or manipulate it in any way.

blockchain secure qr code generator in SingaPore

Easy Verification

ProofEasy protects key documents from falling into the wrong hands. It provides a simple and reliable way to protect and test the information source. Moreover, it comes with the VeriDoc Global technology that uses cryptography and places the unique hash value on a blockchain. Thus, one cannot modify it, and at the same time, safeguards the documents.

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Custom Integrations

ProofEasy incorporates APIs and integrates it with the existing business cloud space, the QR code scanning can be integrated with your existing mobile applications as well, which makes document transfer and verification seamless. This integration governs contractual papers, certificates and prevents fraudulent transactions. It also gives an edge over data security, storage, and processing of documents.


ProofEasy is a cutting-edge platform to validate, prevent fraud, and manipulate documents to meet regulatory bodies’ compliance standards. Thus, ProofEasy removes third-party verification needs and fraud protection hurdles.

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