Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain QR Code

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A quick response code, shortened as a QR code, gathers information as a series of pixels in a square shape. Each QR code is unique and acts similarly to a barcode, but contrary to a barcode reader needed to read information embedded in barcodes, QR Codes do not need special devices. When you install a QR code reader application, a user or consumer can point a smartphone’s camera at the code to scan and decode the information saved. These days organizations in different sectors use blockchain QR code generators to create a blockchain-based secure QR code for security, immutability, and efficiency.

Blockchain-Based QR Codes

Contrary to general QR codes, blockchain-based secure QR codes are secure and immutable. With a QR code on a certificate, anybody can quickly check its authenticity. in case there is a secure QR code on the certificate; it will have a unique hash value associated with the hash value on a QR code on the blockchain network. Thus, if anyone scans the QR code to access the data or check the certificate’s authenticity, it will open if the hash values match.

Tamper-proof Solution

You can use a Secure QR code as the immutable ledger in the Blockchain. This trait of Blockchain makes it tamperproof and safe. If you are a validator, you can authenticate without even being part of a network. In Blockchain the overall process verification is decentralized. Thus, with the use of Blockchain-based secure QR codes, it would be a win-win for you.

Now if you use a general QR code for securing your educational certificates, medical documents, legal reports, or any other confidential data, there would always be a threat of hacking lurks. But nobody can tamper with the code or change the data when you use a Blockchain-based QR code. The Blockchain-based secure QR code’s hash value should match the QR code’s value on the blockchain network to reveal the authentic data. Moreover, if someone tries to hack the data, they would have to hack the manifold computers simultaneously. Since the data is decentralized, they cannot simply attack them all. Hence, blockchain QR codes’ tamperproof feature makes it a hit.

Disadvantages of Using QR Codes

Though general QR codes offer a great way to store and access information, they come with many disadvantages in the shape of risks. The security risks associated with QR codes, like malware attacks, phishing, or hacking, do not generate by QR code technology but instead from the eventual destination of every single code.

Having said so, you can always guard yourself against threats if you scan QR codes that look legitimate only. Also, once a QR code takes you to any landing page, ensure the URL therein looks authentic and is the envisioned website. A malevolent domain name could be similar to the intended URL but with misprints or an erroneous letter. However, the risk drops when you integrate Blockchain into the QR code. With blockchain secure qr code integration, you can ensure that nobody becomes a victim of evil temptations. It is because the system always cross-checks the hash value in the QR code.

The Bottom Line

Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the world with Its myriad of solutions. By integrating blockchain technology, you can enhance the power, security, efficiency, and effectiveness of the QR codes for smooth procedures and safe information sharing. Know more about Blockchain secure QR codes and their usage with ProofEasy.