Why QR code is Important for Document Security?

blockchain secure QR code

QR codes are one of the diverse types of barcodes. Using QR codes for your business or organization documents has numerous perks. These QR codes are much helpful when you have to share your documents. You can even choose encrypted blockchain secure QR code for utmost documents and data safety. Introducing a cryptography QR code to a specific document will add up an additional layer of security.

Blockchain technology is transforming how documents are stored and shared. Blockchain uses cryptography to keep all the records and their information secure. It offers a decentralized database or digital ledger of information. It is based on a vast computer network, and everyone engaged must approve an update before anyone verifies or records it. Hence, it diminishes the dependability on and susceptibility of centralized data storage.

QR Codes for Security of Your Documents

No matter your office documents, business inventory records, medical records, invoices, or freight records, secure QR codes can make them securer and immutable. QR code coding includes numerous black squares and dots. The QR code image includes information one can scan by a smartphone and access.

For example,  if your business has confidential documents and your client wants to access them, he can easily do that securely. The moment he scans the blockchain QR code on the document, the unique hash value on the code will match up with the hash value on the QR code on the blockchain network. If the values match, the code will reveal it. Hence, one can be sure about the blockchain document security and its authenticity.

Sharing is Efficient & Easy

Document sharing will become efficient with QR codes, whether a business, educational institution or any other organization. Once your documents have blockchain security in the shape of a code, they would not just be securer but also efficient to share. For example, if students want to share their documents with potential employers, they can share the QR code. Hence, the employer would get the documents without any tension of forgery. Moreover, the employers do not need to contact the educational institution to verify the documents as everything would be there on the blockchain network. Hence, it give peace of mind to both the students and potential employers.

Checking Validity of a Certificate Document

All certificates will have an embedded QR code that one can scan with mobile devices. A lookup gets performed on the blockchain, and document details unfold. Anyone can check and verify a company’s claims and certification scope and validity at any time. You need to have a smartphone, and you would get easy access to valid documents like certificates, medical reports, legal documents, etc. Nobody can question the security of blockchain as it is immutable, and attackers cannot hack it.

The Bottom Line

Whether securing document with qr code or sharing them, you must try out blockchain-based secure QR codes. These solutions are essential as they will bring efficiency, effectivity, trust, and convenient sharing in your organization and beyond. Learn more with ProofEasy about how you can integrate blockchain QR codes into your confidential documents.