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What can you expect from ProofEasy at GITEX?

ProofEasy welcomes you to GITEX, where we’ll showcase our pioneering blockchain solution and show you the maximum potential you can achieve for document security and verification. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you at our stand –

  • Demonstration of Our Patented Document Security Solution

    ProofEasy’s functional workflow demonstrates how this blockchain platform can revolutionise your verification process. You can witness how we make that happen by visiting our stand.

  • Explore Our Carefully Tailored Customization Options

    Interested individuals can explore the tailored customization options available to see how ProofEasy would meet their unique business needs. Whether it's adapting an existing product or creating something entirely new, together, we'll pave the path to success.

  • Seamless Integration and Support to Empower Existing Systems

    You can uncover how ProofEasy seamlessly integrates and provides the support you've been searching for. Our team will be on hand to demonstrate how our solutions can fit seamlessly into your existing processes.

  • Transformative Conversations Await With Our Experts

    Get ready for a transformative conversation that will reshape the way you approach blockchain verification and business solutions. Our experts will be available to answer your questions, provide insights, and help you envision a more secure and efficient future.

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Benefits you get to enjoy when you choose ProofEasy

  • Creates tamper-proof and verifiable documents of all kinds
  • Patented blockchain and unique QR code technology
  • Quick & easy verification with real-time QR code scanning
  • Improved document ownership with no 3rd party verification

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ProofEasy Works With All Types of Documents

There should be no limits when it comes to security. ProofEasy technology works for diverse application areas.

Food & Safety Compliance

Food & Safety Compliance

The sensitivity of security required for documents regarding Food Safety & Compliance is surpassed only by the Certification or Regulatory agencies which develop the standards to keep our global food chain and the 7+ billion people who consume from it daily safe. Governments appoints a Certification or Regulatory Body to create national and global credential standards and verify that they are followed consistently. The documents involved are highly transparent and meant to inform the public of requirements, red flags, recalls, etc. However, complex and time-consuming processes have made document verification extremely complicated and tedious.



The healthcare sector faces several difficulties, including ID and verification of health records, patient data transfer, and forgery of clinical data. While distributed ledger technologies, like blockchain won’t solve them, they can help alleviate several key pain points in everyday business operations. Using blockchain secured qr code health information, has resolved a critical issue.

Audit Firms

Audit Firms

Audit firms help in identifying the loopholes and act as an essential part of a company’s efficiency. An Audit firm’s main tasks revolve around reviewing activities to reduce costs and minimize inefficiencies of the organization. In recent years, this industry has been hit with data tampering because the data stored in centralized servers is a mere hack away. The records could be forged easily that could burn out the company’s money as well as incur extra costs to the firms.

Certification & Regulatory Bodies

Certification & Regulatory Bodies

The sensitivity of security required for documents spanning across several industries is surpassed by documents related to the Certification and Regulatory bodies, which require a higher level of security. The government appoints a Certification or Regulatory Body to create national credentials standards and verify that they are followed consistently. The documents involved are highly confidential as they are used to up-keep essential standards and regulations in society. However, several complex and time-consuming processes have made to documents verification extremely complicated and tedious. With the use of Web 3.0 blockchain technology and document encrypted QR code, the verification process can be empowered. Certificate & Regulatory Bodies can utilize QR code in higher education and various other industries to maintain authenticity in accreditation or regulation standards.



Insurance is a risk management strategy employed to reduce one’s financial loss. The Insurance industry comprises companies that offer risk management in the form of insurance contracts. But this industry has been plagued by data tampering and forgery for quite some time. Also, red tape makes it difficult to settle and process the claims quickly and on time. With ProofEasy you can prevent such illicit activities. Get to know more on how to prevent identity theft and other fraudulent activities in the insurance industry.

Legal and Contractual

Legal and Contractual

Most law firms today bear the burden of processing, aggregating and analyzing data to build a case. Primary and secondary data stored at the firms’ database is later used by senior litigators or partners to execute case strategies. This kind of data is sensitive and might compromise information on the organization’s operational particularities—every “touchpoint” in the system, the risks of leaks, frauds, and breach increases. Ensuring security in the entire process of documentation and exchanging those documents is an expensive endeavour. Due-diligence is thus, not only elongated but also a costly procedure. With ProofEasy you can create blockchain legal documents and find other secure solutions to address these issues.

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