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About Major Educational Institution

Major Educational Institution in SE Asia Secures e-Certificates Using Integrated Blockchain Certificate Platform
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The Objective

The purpose of undertaking the case study was primarily to establish standard blockchain benefits geared towards the education industry – as to how any existing educational institute (large or small) - those not having any systems in place - can secure certificates and benefit from integrating blockchain-based solutions.


About the Customer

Our customer is a large academic institution (University) in South-east Asia spread over three countries, having 15,000+ students.


The Challenge

The customer being a large university, regularly issues thousands of printed Certificates to its students every year. However, they had no option available to verify or validate these Certificates. Hence, they were looking to implement a capable platform to ensure a faster and safer way to issue secured e-Certificates for their students. Moreover, finding the right implementation partner/vendor was another challenge.

The Methodology
How ProofEasy Helped

The customer approached us because of our experience and track record in implementing Blockchain-based solutions. . Our team collaborated with the university management in understanding the challenges in adopting new technology without disrupting the existing systems. The team focused on new technology adoption to integrate with existing ones to bring more efficiency to their existing processes. Finally, we were successful in integrating a cloud-based Blockchain Certificate Generation system

As this was an API-based integration, no changes were required to the existing systems. The entire implementation process was completed within a short span of just one month.

The Solution

The integrated platform has two primary components – the admin web portal and the mobile app. Working alongside the customer, we ensured that the admin web portal & mobile app were integrated in an agile manner, allowing for speed and iteration.

Admin Portal:

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Certificate Management

  • Manage Certificate Templates
  • Certificate Field Mapping
  • Automatic Serial Number generation.

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  • Graduation Data Import (API integration)
  • Certificate Field Mapping
  • CSV Data Import (in pre-defined format).

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Manage Certificates

  • Search and Share/Download certificates
  • Certificate PDF Storage location
  • Block Certificates

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Blockchain Integration

  • Blockchain API Setup (Using VeriDoc Global API)
  • Blockchain Metadata setup

Mobile App:


Native Android & iOS App

  • Integration with existing university mobile app
  • QR code reader
  • Certificate & Blockchain validation.

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Some significant benefits of the solution include the following:

To sum up, we have developed a generic Certificate Platform that can be used across industries.

Results / Outcome

  • Interoperable integration with existing ILMS solution
  • The Blockchain secured Certificate Generation Platform enabled the customer to quickly issue secured e-Certificates for its students.
  • The certificates could now be verified & validated securely by anyone because of the underlying blockchain technology.
  • Using this platform, the University has already secured close to 5000 certificates for its year-end graduation programme.
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