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Trade & Finance Documents

Trade and finance documents play a significant role in all our lives. From safeguarding a contract, to the businesses or companies that need to protect the letter of credit, and the paperwork related to the company’s accounts, all these documents control almost every aspect of our life.

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With the increase in the rate of cyber-crimes, copies of all the essential documents are vulnerable. Once the hacker gets access to your system, he can access all the information on the system, right from the usernames and passwords to using all your documents for illegal purposes. Documents are often passed from person to person, which compromises its authenticity and security.

ProofEasy Blockchain Technology- A Solution

The following are a few features provided by ProofEasy’s blockchain technology that help resolving trade and financial document tampering issues.

Provides Unique QR Code

ProofEasy provides a patented QR Scan code printed on the document; this makes the access to the document limited in nature. This QR Scan code is unique and cannot be duplicated and, therefore, enhances the documents' security. The unique QR codes are available for both printed and electronic documents.

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Authorised User Access

ProofEasy's blockchain technology provides a secure server that stores all your documents with a QR code that cannot be imitated. It provides a private key to each document that makes it easy to integrate the files and enhances the overall safety of the documents. Furthermore, even the authorized users would have to view the documents via the generated QR Scan code by ProofEasy.

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Ensure efficiency and security

ProofEasy assists you in preserving the confidentiality of your records. The documents can only be accessed only by those who have been approved by you throughout the securitization process. ProofEasy provides a secure network that is protected from hacking and reverse engineering activities. It is a low-cost and highly efficient system that limits access and increases security of your documents.


To keep up with the current position of vulnerability of documents online or on your system, you need to enhance the security of the documents to the maximum. Hackers easily breach the firewall and tamper with the documents. This robust blockchain technology by ProofEasy is almost impossible to be hacked, which enhances the security.

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