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HR and Payroll Documents

HR and Payroll play a key role in the success of any organization. Managing HR and Payroll can be a difficult task. The major problems include inaccurate data records and security issues. ProofEasy is a one-stop solution for all your HR and payroll-related issues.

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Major Challenges

Some of the major challenges faced by the HR and Payroll sector are fake- Payslips, Experience Letters, Job Offers, etc. Tampering, forgery, duplication of important documents, like payslips, company policies, resumes, etc., is a common occurrence and makes the life of HR and Payroll personnel very difficult. Heaps of paper records and lax data security is also another major concern.

ProofEasy As A Solution

ProofEasy helps in securing all your HR & Payroll related agreements and contracts, and other sensitive documents, like experience letters, job offers etc. It removes all sorts of third-party intervention and gives you absolute control over all your documents. With its unique QR code and blockchain technology, it makes all your uploaded documents secure and immutable. It is cost-effective too, since it can be integrated with your existing systems, thus eliminating the need for a new infrastructure.
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Let's look at a few more ways in which ProofEasy can help in details below:

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Secured Data

This is another reason that you should opt for ProofEasy because no one can change the data illegally. ProofEasy possesses a patented technology that keeps you safe from illegal tampering. It works for both electronic and printed documents.

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QR Code Feature

ProofEasy helps you create a system-generated document that is secured by a unique QR code before printing. This ensures that the data on the document is secured and tamper-proof. This QR can be scanned, and all the information contained therein can be verified with the information in the document.


Untamperable Data

ProofEasy’s blockchain technology helps secure your sensitive documents and makes them verifiable and valid. This ensures that any unauthorized changes or modifications in the document can be effectively tracked.

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Confidentiality of data

Since the data can be accessed through the QR code, it secures your personal information and ensures its confidentiality. It can be accessed only by the persons authorized to access it. Sharing is painless as you can share confidential documents either through the platform, or copy the shareable link and then share it through mail, WhatsApp, etc.


If you are facing such problems in terms of HR and Payroll, you can switch to ProofEasy without any hassle. It will help ensure the safety and security of your documents, and make your life easier.

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