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Insurance Claims

Insurance records are one of the most confidential records. The biggest reasons why insurance claims are some of the world’s most protected documents are because they contain the names, addresses, social security numbers, and financial details of- the insurer, and the service providers. This is why only a designated claims manager gets to see your insurance records, which not only keeps the process more localized but also reduces the risk of leaks to any third party.

Unfortunately, however, there have been instances where insurance claim documents have been breached, leading to the tarnished image of an insurance provider.

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Leaks about classified insurance provider’s data are always at the risk of being exposed. As a result, the ethical commitment of insurance companies towards helping their customers is getting breached continually.

Blockchain as a solution

While there are many blockchain solutions out there, ProofEasy is making waves with its proprietary encryption tech. Its blockchain architecture supports many types of transactions that help in significant cost savings, efficiency, security, and compliance than traditional systems and business processes. Hence, it is the perfect choice for an insurance provider.
ProofEasy can help you solve the problems of Insurance Claims tampering in a simple way:
You can also integrate ProofEasy into your existing Insurance claims systems or processes. Furthermore, with the help of block-chain validation tech, it will help authenticate & validate the claims. This added layer of protection and transparency will keep you away from legal trouble and prevent individuals from altering claim documents.
If that does not seem impressive as is, here are some more benefits:
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Easy Visual Inspection

ProofEasy secures all the documents into a secure server and provides restricted access. These documents are only accessible to those who have the designated QR Code for that file. Using a QR scanner on Android or iOS, you can quickly inspect if the claims document has been tampered with or not.

Certify a Document

Easily Verifiable

Instead of an entire enterprise-level software for secure database creation, ProofEasy uses its secure server to maintain all files on a centralized database. The original file is unalterable on this database, and hence, the sanctity of the document is preserved with blockchain as a trusted reference point of verification. Thus, no one can alter insurance claims documents, and the ethical obligations of all the parties are maintained.

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Improved Security

Based on VeriDoc Global’s patented QR Code solution, ProofEasy uses public-key cryptography and places a unique hash value on the blockchain, making it unalterable. This helps in the decentralization of data and improvement of end-to-end reference point verification for increased security. So, a claim document, once uploaded by the user, will be secure on the server.

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Simplified Navigation

With insurance claims, tons of documents need to be fetched from time to time for inspections and verifications. Instead of physically searching for each document, creating a folder and generating a unique QR Code with ProofEasy for a particular document will make it easier to process all claims without any data breaches.


Insurance is a gigantic industry, and the majority is heavily reliant on document processing and ethical obligations. Using ProofEasy’s user-friendly and straightforward blockchain QR tech, you can make sure that your company adds to the insurance industry’s value and earns its premium as the pioneer in adopting advanced cybersecurity standards for the industry.

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