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Insurance Policy

The damage done by counterfeit insurance policies is unknown to the customers. An insurance firm was held accountable for the false policies issued by its agent and had to pay the customer substantial monetary damages. In these kinds of cases, the services provided by ProofEasy come in handy. For example, we can help you record the required information and set it on your paperwork so that you don’t have to go back to the insurance provider to verify it.

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The main challenge is to check a policy document, collateral calculations for loan approvals, proof of net worth, security breaches, and so on. And the cost of protecting documents can be high.

ProofEasy as a solution

ProofEasy’s blockchain technology gives your loan policy documents and legal collateral, reports, or other sensitive documents complete security. Any authority or the general public can verify the legitimacy of documents using a QR scanner app. ProofEasy can help you secure the Insurance Policy in a simple way:

You can also integrate ProofEasy into your existing  insurance policy generating system. It will provide security to your document. Furthermore, with the help of block-chain validation tech, it will help your customers authenticate the policy. This added layer of protection and transparency will keep you away from legal trouble and prevent individuals from altering policy documents or creating fake policies.
Let’s look at a few ways in which ProofEasy can solve your problems:


Easy & Safe Document Sharing

Documents can be sent and received in a secure, centralized database using ProofEasy's powerful interface. It also ensures that the documents cannot be tampered with. In addition, you can revoke your document if you believe it has been misused.


Easy Validation

With the ProofEasy QR code, you can collect the required information and place it on the document to become an intrinsic part of it and be checked instantaneously. The issuing organization can only generate the QR code.

Businessman shakehand and exchanging contract documents.

Ensure Confidentiality

ProofEasy offers excellent privacy and security to your loan policy documents. When you securitize documents, only those people who you have approved can view them.


Enhance Productivity

When it comes to processing physical documentation, it takes a lot of time. With ProofEasy, you can increase your efficiency and lower the risk of fraud and data breaches. Also, you can easily access policy details and coverage without the need for a database.


It’s essential to be on your guard when working in the insurance market. So to avoid the chance of fraud, use ProofEasy’s user-friendly blockchain technology to ensure the security of your policy papers and to validate evidence.

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