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An invoice is a statement or bill for the services provided by a company to its customer for the bill amount due. Once the invoice is mailed to the customer, the hacker can breach into it and edit the document to scam the customer.

Invoice hacking or invoice fraud has been increasing lately, especially on online platforms. And often, your customers end up falling prey to such scams and make the payment to the fraudster and hold the business responsible.

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The hacker might send a coupled email upon clicking that link, it might redirect you to another page or state that the vendor has changed his bank details. And for a customer, it is difficult to analyze if it is a genuine invoice or a fake one.

ProofEasy Blockchain Technology- A Solution

The key features of ProofEasy’s blockchain technology that can help in enhancing the security are as follows:
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Easy to Validate

You can protect your invoice using ProofEasy's decentralized blockchain technology by generating a unique QR code and hash value. It serves as an independent and trustworthy source of verification that anybody with a QR scanner app can readily verify. This blockchain system with QR code guards the invoices against fraud and verifies each transaction independently.

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Increased Visibility

ProofEasy's Blockchain technology is capable of securely and permanently storing millions of invoices with unique QR codes. Therefore, there will be no disputes about blockchain transactions or invoicing fraud. For example, you can now quickly determine whether or not the client made such a transaction and which platform was used.

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Transparency in sharing

ProofEasy provides a robust blockchain technology that is almost impossible to breach. The essential feature is a blockchain network that only makes the secured invoices accessible to those with authorization. ProofEasy securely saves all encrypted hashes and blockchain transaction IDs in a database.


Any viewer who views pdf online is vulnerable. Every invoice that is online in the form of a pdf could be hacked and edited. Therefore, it only makes sense to have a strong security network to prevent this. ProofEasy provides a tamper-proof to the invoices and protects your customers from being scammed. This immutable and verifiable invoice will make you the trusted leader of the industry. With the blockchain system provided by ProofEasy, it is easy to verify the invoice and protect the flow of the transaction from being breached by a fraudster.

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