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Lab Reports

If you’ve ever paid attention to the news, you would have heard about tampered lab reports and the problems they’ve caused. Such instances aren’t limited to small institutions; even large-scale institutions sometimes come under the radar when such a deceptive act is committed.

The usage of such fraudulent documents and lab reports can be connected to various crimes. As per Comparitech, in 2019, the general public faced a loss of $3.5 billion due to fraud. Between 2019 and 2020, labs shifted most of the documentation online, resulting in reduced frauds.

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Tampering Of Documents

The fact that documents and lab reports are/were on paper is among the main reasons why the tampering of reports took place at a higher rate. It is effortless to duplicate and alter an actual lab report and pass it off as the original one.

With the technology available for free, people can even replicate intricate emblems on paper. This reduces the chances of the report being identified as a duplicate.

Moreover, if you’re a business owner, the thought of being scrutinized by the law for potential document-related fraud isn’t a pleasant one, especially when it’s a lab report. So how do you prevent such fraud?

If you’re reading this, it’s evident that you’re on the search for a solution that helps you make your lab reports unalterable while making the validation a breeze. The answer to your question is ProofEasy.

How Can ProofEasy Help You?

To put it in simple terms, ProofEasy is an online tool that will help you safeguard your lab reports from potentially being altered and makes the authentication of the said report easier. In other words, it makes your lab reports tamper-proof. ProofEasy can help secure your Lab reports tampering in 3 simple steps:
You can also integrate ProofEasy into your existing lab report-generating system. It will provide security to your document. Furthermore, with the help of block-chain validation tech, it will help you authenticate the report. This added layer of protection and transparency will keep you away from legal trouble and prevent individuals from altering lab reports. Here are specific ways through which ProofEasy can make tamper-proofing lab reports easier for you:
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Total Control Of Lab-Reports

With ProofEasy’s centralized database, you’ll have complete control over the lab reports. You can share it with anyone you want quickly, you can prevent it from being duplicated, and you also have the option of renouncing the report if you feel it has been tampered with.

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Authentication Made Easy

With the help of QR codes provided by VeriDoc Global, ProofEasy uses patented public-key cryptography. It then puts a hash value on each document, unique to its own, and one cannot tamper with these reports. This simplifies the process of authenticating the report.

Application Programming Interfaces

API Integrations Made Easy

ProofEasy also allows you to integrate itself with your cloud space, and you can integrate the QR code scanner with any given mobile camera application. This renders the process of sharing and verifying the document simple.

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Prevent Fraudulent Acts

Using ProofEasy is a foolproof way of preventing lab-report-related frauds. Each report is given a real-time/unique QR code which only points towards the authentic verification source.

Final Word

From eliminating 3rd party verification to making your reports tamper-proof, ProofEasy is a platform that can and will help you create documents while abiding by the law and preventing you from being a victim to document-related fraud.

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