What are the Benefits of Verifiable Credentials in the Education Industry

Benefits of Verifiable credentials in Education

The education industry is one of the sectors that were hit hard by data fraud. Seeing no end in sight and witnessing more sophisticated fakes by the day, they turned to verifiable credentials blockchain and trusted this decentralized technology to beat data fraud and offer peace of mind. But what are the benefits of verifiable credentials in the education industry? Is it limited to stopping data fraud? Let’s find out.

3 Benefits of Verifiable Credentials that Educational Institutions Can Reap

Here are the top benefits of verifiable credentials that educational institutions around the world can reap:

1. Minimizes instances of fraud and duplicates

The biggest advantage of verifiable blockchain credentials is that it minimizes instances of fraud and duplicates. Since digital credentials blockchain employ cryptography, they protect the information stored and prevent fraudsters from decrypting the encrypted data.

Simply put, your digital certificates won’t suffer even if they fall into the wrong hands, making them immutable and impossible to duplicate or alter. Well, not impossible to alter. Anyone can alter them but they won’t be able to pass the modified version as the original since the unique hash value of the document would change. As the hash value is stored on the blockchain, it can’t be deleted or modified once added to a network. Additionally, if you use platforms, like ProofEasy, you can trace a document’s history and stay abreast of the changes.

A verifiable credentials example is the marksheet of a student from an educational institution. Suppose a student needs at least grade A to get into the master’s program at University YTF, unqualified individuals won’t be able to get into the program as they won’t be able to duplicate the end semester marksheet or alter it and fake their grades.

2. Makes blockchain credential verification easier

One of the most challenging things an educational institution has to undertake is issue credentials that are easily verifiable or verify credentials themselves. But verifying digital credentials doesn’t have to be difficult if educational institutions use verifiable credentials, as they can be verified on a blockchain.

The process becomes simpler if you use digital credentialing platforms, like ProofEasy, to generate blockchain-based digital certificates since the issued documents come with a unique QR code.
That’s not all. Considering only an authorized issuer can generate a verifiable credential and the document must be authenticated by a reputable certifying authority, you can trust (mostly) verifiable credentials that check out.

3. Easily accessible and portable

Anyone can access their verifiable credentials at any time from anywhere if they have access to the Internet and a smart device. Plus, these credentials can be stored in digital wallets, further improving their accessibility. Moreover, they’re easy to share and can be ported per your requirements.

The verifiable credential trust triangle makes document issuance, storage, and verification a breeze, offering educational institutions peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to ProofEasy or contact us today to get started on your verifiable credential journey.