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About Enson Africa

Enson Africa is a Tanzanian company that provides consulting services to local and international businesses in accounting, audit, tax, and payroll. With decades of experience, the company is dedicated to providing quality and timely service to its clients. They offer a range of services, including ongoing interaction with all levels of management to ensure issues are resolved efficiently. They seek to add value by delivering responsive advice regarding transactions and accounting issues and updates on technical developments or thought leadership material.

Problem Statement

Enson Africa had problems authenticating and verifying documents. Also, there’s an issue with securing audit reports, financial statements, and other related documents.
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As a consulting firm, Enson Africa identifies gaps and inefficiencies in its clients’ organizations and works to find ways around them. But many of its customers have expressed concern regarding the security of their sensitive documents. Although it’s necessary to protect every single business document, Enson Africa is looking for measures to tackle that problem.


ProofEasy, powered by VeriDoc Global,  provides a secure way to generate, manage, and store digital certificates, documents, and records.

In the world of business, audit reports are a crucial part of the process. They ensure everyone is on the same page and help avoid potential compliance issues. When it comes to securing these documents, Enson Africa has struggled for some time.

However, Enson Africa was able to ensure the protection of its audit reports using ProofEasy. ProofEasy combines QR codes and blockchain technology to ensure that each document is unique and cannot be copied or forged.

Also, it helped Enson track any changes made to secured documents. It also eliminates any possibility of tampering with them. Moreover, ProofEasy allows Enson Africa to store all their records on a decentralized cloud and organize them, making Enson’s data storage easier while reducing the paperwork involved. This also helped the firm comply with environmental laws.

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Final Results

After Enson Africa implemented the new system, it securely generated the following:


Audit reports


Financial statements and other related documents.

Proofeasy, marketed by TNC Company limited in Africa region, is an excellent platform for organizing business documents. It is reliable and efficient


Reduction in document tampering and forged documents.

Increase in traceability as the certification is accredited with unique QR code and identifier.

Increase in trust and credibility since the results are protected by blockchain technology to prevent unauthorised manipulation.

Multi-level verification using patented VeriDoc Global Technology increases the transparency of the activities captured during the certification process. This includes visual inspection and verifying the document details on blockchain.

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