QR Code on Certificates Giving a New Security Goal


Educational certificates and documents have a critical role in an individual’s life and career. It begins with the first job or application to that of another education institution and continues through subsequent employment changes. In addition, global transfers need work and employment passes and so on. Hence, education certificates play a significant role in the success and mobility of an individual.

However, with the e-certificate in trend, many educational institutions issue online certificates. Therefore, implementing QR Codes in your educational institution is advantageous, especially when it comes to complete security and involving more applicants and students.

The capability to trust these certificates and the information given in them is essential to form up the credentials of a person and help make the correct selection. Unfortunately, academic document fraud is rampant and characteristically takes place to improve credentials and eligibility for opportunities the authorities may otherwise deny to the candidate.

The point is traditional-day system gives room for certificates and receipt counterfeits. There are hardly any ways to validate the authenticity of the certificates presented. Conventional ways take up longer processes or work long after someone might have already used the forged certificates.

Secure Educational Certificates with QR Codes

QR code technology has few security flaws, and attackers cannot hack it. The security dangers that people often link with QR codes are phishing, hacking, or malware that do not originate from QR code technology. Rather they emerge from the final destination of each code. Well, third parties can hack the web page, link up malicious software, or steal data; it is the same way hackers conduct text message or email scams.

However, if you use blockchain-based secure QR codes, you can ensure utmost safety. In a general QR code, there is always some risk that someone can manipulate the data or the information in the QR codes. But nobody can tamper with secure QR codes. Hence, once you have installed a secure QR code on your electric certificate, only the authentic people can access the data.

With QR code certificate verification, you will be sure that there is no scope for tampering or manipulating the certificate. And a person can access the authentic educational certificate by scanning the QR code on the certificate. The secure QR code will match up with the secure QR code on the blockchain network, and the data will reveal if the unique hash value on the Secure QR code matches. Hence, just like biometrics or DNA, nobody can interfere with this security system.

Validates Degrees & Certificates

Blockchain-based QR codes enable you to maintain validated degrees and certificates. Moreover, if you store the educational documents on the blockchain-based QR code, the unchallengeable nature of blockchain records makes them tamperproof.

QR codes remove the need for a third party to give any certified or attested copies of students’ academic records or certificates. Moreover, students, teachers, or down-the-line employers can access the confidential data of electronic certificates only if the unique hash value on the QR code on the documents matches the hash value of the QR code on the blockchain network.

The Bottom Line

QR codes are here to stay and if you use advanced versions of QR codes like the blockchain-based one’s sky is the limit. The best part is you can easily and effortlessly integrate the QR codes with existing document production systems that you already use. Just get the best QR code generator and bring a deep layer of security to your educational institution. For any further assistance related to blockchain-based QR codes or solutions, talk to experts at ProofEasy.