Evolution of Education Sector with the Introduction of Blockchain

blockchain secure documents

Blockchain is a distributed ledger and the underlying  technology used in cryptocurrency. Keeping in mind the safety and integrity of blockchain technology, it has already started making its way into the education sector.

The concept of blockchain technology is wherein you keep the records or ledgers in the shape of data blocks. These blocks are secured and connected to other data blocks concerning the same individual or organization. These blocks are robustly encrypted and saved on multiple decentralized computers. Tampering or any changes with one data block alters the information in other blocks linked to it and changes all the computers where the data is stored. Hence, it makes it impossible for anyone to hack blockchain technology.

Elimination of Fraud in the Education Sector

Blockchain is already helping eliminate fraud and similar elements from the education system. Developing student records on the blockchain makes the entire procedure efficient and smarter. The practically fragile inscription of the blocks makes them hack and tamper-proof. Once you have blockchain secure documents in your education institution, you can ensure their authenticity as the decentralized storage of the documents and records makes the system further safe.

Blockchain technology gives the students or candidates a digital identity and offers them the ownership of their records like diplomas, degrees, certificates, and more. Hence, students can easily prove the validation of their academic achievements whenever the need be. For example, once a student has shared his certificate with someone, they can check the certificate’s authenticity by scanning the QR code. Since there is blockchain secure QR code integration in the documents and records on the blockchain, the record would unfold if the QR code’s unique hash value matches with the blockchain network’s hash value. Hence, there remains immutability, and the certificates can get validated in no time.

Not just academic performance, but educational institutions are already using blockchain technology to keep records related to attendance, overall health status, social conduct, sports activities, extra-curricular activities, etc. Blockchain is helping the records transfer from one education institution to another more efficiently and effectively. It is already bringing more transparency, authenticity, and accountability to the entire education sector.

Formation of Courses in the Education Sector

Blockchain technology is also getting used in designing courses and assessment systems. Academics and teachers have begun using the smart contracts method to create entire course structures. It executes so that students or candidates must fulfil certain criteria to pass a specific module and proceed to the next module.

Blockchain also allows students to authenticate the credentials of their teachers and institutions. It is also proving helpful for the education system to evolve in a manner that gives the students the freedom to make their combinations of major and minor services.

To Sum Up

All this shows that blockchain technology has started making the education system extensively efficient and transparent. Educational institutions now can secure educational documents with blockchain and ensure the utmost transparency and peace of mind. Since the inefficiencies in the educational system vanish, the education quality is bound to progress. Once fake degrees and academic records become obsolete, only the right fellows will get chances in education and profession. Learn more about blockchain technology solutions with experts at ProofEasy.