How Blockchain-Based Digital Credentialing Impacts The World Of Work

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Blockchain technology gives an extra layer of external verification for issuers and earners of high-value credentials. Distributing digital credentials on the blockchain network conveys to the users that your business or organization uses advanced technology supporting a massive verification request of tamperproof credentials. For example, if your company does e-certificate blockchain verification, it ensures efficiency and authenticity.

Once you use blockchain, your company allows blockchain validation for any digital credentials you distribute or issue. Once permitted, the digital credential gets automatically published to the blockchain upon acceptance. Hence, the third parties on the blockchain network can verify the credential immediately. An increasing number of Governments, businesses and educational institutions are tending towards blockchain as an established way to allow a secure and trusted infrastructure and better services.

Blockchain is a securely encrypted and vastly distributed electronic transaction ledger that includes time-stamped data. Since each block builds on the one before it, nobody can alter the data contained in previous blocks without affecting each subsequent block. The storage of blockchains is on peer-to-peer networks, making them decentralized and distributed. Hence, enhancing their security. In other words, blockchains are a shared infrastructure that verifies credentials far more securely, sturdily and conveniently than any single authority.

Blockchain-Powered Digital Credentials can alter the corporate sector and work setups. The entire work becomes efficient, tamperproof and secure. You can experience practical storage, transparency and efficient ways to verify and safeguard the work credentials. Internationally, businesses and companies already recognize the potential of blockchain technology to transform their overall administration systems.

Secure & Private Credentials

The blockchain-based platform manages the infrastructure and security without exposing any information or data used to produce the credentials. Only people having permission get access. Moreover, all the actions, activities, and business procedures are tamperproof and permanently captured as blockchain transactions. Thus, there is no scope for any privacy or security leakage.

You can put a Blockchain QR code on the digital credential certificate, generated based on the certificate’s content. The hash is published on the blockchain. You can then issue and distribute the certificate to employees and other concerned people; this format is easily shareable and confirmable. For example, you can use a qr code for university certificate and ensure efficient sharing securely. Students can share their blockchain-based digital credentials with potential employers for employment. The moment the recruiters scan the QR code, they can authenticate the digital identity and credentials of the students.

Fraud Prevention

With blockchain, you can be confident that all the credentials in your organization are secure and immutable. You can use blockchain-based secure QR codes to secure your information and data. The hash value of the QR code makes it difficult for anyone to impersonate your organization’s official records.

The bottom Line

ProofEasy is revolutionizing the way organizations and workplaces across industries issue and verify credentials while at the same time empowering individuals to understand better and use their digital identities. It is high time you introduce blockchain-based digital credentialing for your work. Talk to expert and get started!