Usage of Blockchain Technology in Education Sector

educational certificate verification

Blockchain technology is impacting every industry, and the field of education is no exception; from the verification of digital credentials to the issuing of web certificates, blockchain plays a role. A single blockchain-based QR code can do educational certificate verification in no time. Scan it with your phone and it will reveal the accurate data. Moreover, the hash value in the code ensures immutability.

Similarly, blockchain can offer you a brilliant framework to keep track of student records. From everyday information like attendance, homework, and extracurricular activities to longer-term data such as degrees and colleges they have attended.

Why Should Higher Education Institutions Use Blockchain Tech?

Blockchain technology is an innovation in data storage and transmission solution. Specifically, it enables the distribution and storage of safe information inside a distributed database. The education sector and higher education institutions experience diverse data security issues like counterfeit resumes, use of social networks by students to exaggerate fundamental skills, storing paper copies of diplomas etc. Moreover, the hastening of the digital transformation of higher education has been a prime challenge in recent years, primarily in the storage, transmission and authentication of information.

Blockchain technology can be an apt solution to this digital transformation. Blockchain blends decentralization, security and data transparency. Hence, it permits any field to implement identification and traceability of its procedures and activities.

Inclusive and Transparent Record-Keeping

With immutable blockchain storage, the school’s registrar’s office will just have to form a student record once. It is then easily obtainable to all educational system participants, and even institutions can share it. There will be the addition of every task, assignment, school involvement, and extracurricular activity participation in the student’s digital record as blocks. One can view them on the student’s profile. As an outcome, counsellors, instructors, and school administrators can closely check their students’ progress.

The student must share a link or their digital address to grant access to their profile. The complete history of modifications with signatures stays on the blockchain; hence, such a solution assures the entire legitimacy of credentials and student records.

Enhanced Transparency of Scholarships

Scholarships are a real chance for students from low-income backgrounds. Increasing tuition fees at numerous institutions often ends up in this assistance is more than essential for some. However, you know there is a natural spectacle of misappropriating funds allocated to poor students like non-genuine scholarship applications, using funds for personal requirements unrelated to training, etc. Some recipients make fraudulent use of the scholarships. Blockchain technology offers chances for traceability and security. Hence, it makes it possible to form a follow-up of such scholarships for better transparency in their usage.

Better Student Accountability with Smart Contracts 

Teachers can use blockchain smart contracts to enter into digital agreements with students about completing their tasks. The agreement carries all assignment needs, including conditions, instructions, due dates, and deadlines. After a student completes the task, fulfilling all the terms in the agreement, they get access to the next stage of the course or receive a credit and completion certificate.

Eventually, smart contracts can play a significant role in providing individualized learning inside a conventional classroom setup. Hence, it can also boost the motivational element in traditional education systems.

The Bottom Line

Though the use of blockchain technology in the education sector is still in its early stages, it has already cemented the way for new opportunities. With its speed and security, blockchain technology will benefit students and institutions. Whether e-certificate blockchain verification or easy, secure payments, adopt blockchain solutions today with ProofEasy.