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Medical Prescriptions

Due to the growing emphasis on data fraud, misuse of restricted resources, and declining pharmacological errors, the global digital medical technology market is expected to improve significantly. According to studies, the world market for digital technology prescription will reach USD 7.54 billion by 2027.

However, reluctance to accept new technologies and risks associated with patient confidentiality and data security hinder the market growth. Lack of technical knowledge among end-users is a challenge for market growth. This leads to a new way of handling medical prescriptions.

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The main challenge of hand-written prescriptions is a time-consuming and repetitive operation. In addition, the hand-written prescriptions are frequently misunderstood, putting patients at risk and takes copious amounts of time to review again. Moreover to prevent counterfeit prescriptions, paper prescriptions rely on the physician and staff to preserve the actual prescription blocks.

ProofEasy As A Solution

ProofEasy uses blockchain-based QR codes to help users deal with concerns about protecting their medical prescriptions. This blockchain validation of ProofEasy adds an extra layer of transparency and security. This reduces production time, promotes communication and collaboration with your team, improves accessibility, frees up office space, and above all, saves money! The medical prescriptions can also be integrated into the existing health information system. Moreover, the ProofEasy blockchain secures sensitive medical prescriptions without losing their accessibility. Let’s look few ways ProofEasy can solve your problem:
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Access & Storage

ProofEasy helps you reduce your burden in administrative and patient care. You can quickly and safely issue your prescription from your device or your existing health information system. ProofEasy’s medical prescription solution helps you simplify your health care consultation procedures and removes the possibility of incorrect diagnosis due to the handwriting of handwritten prescriptions.

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Sharing & Security

ProofEasy promotes comfort, safety, and patient compliance. This reduces the number of missing prescriptions and speeds up the delivery of prescriptions reducing distribution errors. After online consultation, ProofEasy helps you seamlessly share prescription medications without having your patients visiting your clinic. Hence, there is no threat of fake or stolen prescriptions.

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Digital privacy

The medical prescription solution from ProofEasy will not affect the privacy of patients’ information. Blockchain technology allows documents to be verified with a unique QR code. All the medical prescriptions - printed or digital, can be safely redeemed.

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Saves Time

Paper documents containing personal information, especially health records, should be protected. This could eventually take more time while transferring files. All of these things have been reduced and limited with ProofEasy’s secure database. You will be able to focus on simplifying your administrative load and will also be able to free up more time to provide your patients with the additional care they require.


ProofEasy is a legally recognized and compliant health information delivery platform. From processing to scanning to sharing, you will remain in complete control of your prescription. Thus, ProofEasy helps you reduce your workload and increase patient safety and compliance.

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