A System for Academic Certificates Verification Using Blockchain

Academic Certificates Verification

QR code certificate verification solutions that are hosted on the blockchain are the need of the hour. They are the perfect ammunition against fake academic certificates and prevent the forgery and duplication of these legitimate certificates.

But why is a blockchain-based QR code verification solution so important?

Why Should Organizations Adopt a Blockchain-based QR Code Verification Solution?

Currently, organizations around the world are struggling to fight against the deluge of fake certificates pouring into the market. Fake diplomas and fake training certifications are popping up by the thousands, making it extremely difficult for enterprises across industries to authenticate their legitimacy.

Fighting the fake certificates industry using legacy systems is costing them an arm and a leg, and is time-consuming as well. In turn, this is affecting the job market and candidate experience too. So organizations not only end up hiring individuals with forged qualifications but also candidates with legitimate experience and academic records end up losing out on lucrative opportunities.

This makes it vital to implement blockchain-based QR code solutions that can recognize and validate the authenticity of an academic certificate, automate record keeping, and prevent the forgery and duplication of valid certificates.

Why are Blockchain-based QR Code Solutions Beneficial for Academic Certificate Verification?

QR code for university certificates is a great way to verify the authenticity of all certificates. Other benefits of blockchain-based QR code solutions include:

● Issuing certificates: Such solutions are perfect for universities and other training institutions to generate eCertificates. Issuing eCertificates using such platforms help universities secure them from the get-go as a unique QR code is generated each time and they get encrypted using blockchain technology. They can also do that at scale to save time and effort by automating the process. Additionally, they can secure already issued certificates by simply uploading them.

● Responsible sharing: Blockchain solutions let all academic institutions share the generated or uploaded certificates directly with approved individuals. For instance, an academy can share a student’s graduation certificate with the student, the head of the department, the administrative head, and the principal.

● Identity access management (IAM): Such solutions are particularly helpful for identity access management as individuals need to scan the QR code to access a file. Only individuals who’ve been cleared or can enter the correct code are granted access.

● Hassle-free record keeping: Academic institutions can easily save records of all the certificates they generate or upload on the platform and find them effortlessly. Decentralized storing ascertains that your files can’t be edited, forged, or duplicated.

● Reduction of paper trails: Employing such solutions and going digital leads to a reduction in the usage and dependence on paper-based documents. This is also environmentally friendly, so organizations can go green too.

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