Advantages of Issuing a Digital Certificate on the Blockchain

blockchain document security

Blockchain is a powerful technology to issue, establish and preserve a cryptographically secure, shared, and distributed ledger for transactions. Digital certificates powered by blockchain don’t need intermediaries to send or verify. Hence, it improves efficiency, secures identity, and ensures tamper-proof data.


With blockchain document security, an institution can empower its recipients with certificates they can own and verify anywhere. Blockchain technology offers a new infrastructure, even a better advanced one, to ensure, share and confirm the training and skills acquired. Each certificate includes references of the issuer and receiver, along with the document signature (hash). This hash is stored in a public database (the blockchain) and is indistinguishable in thousands of computers worldwide.


Quick Advantages

Once you issue any digital certificate with blockchain technology, it has crucial additional advantages compared to other digital certificates. These advantages are like:


Forgery is Not Possible

Nobody can forge the certificates. It is possible to confirm with certainty that the certificate was initially issued and received by the same people mentioned in the digital certificate. Blockchain cryptographically seals a record of the certificate at its creation. It is to ensure that third parties can be confident that nobody has altered the certificate record since its issuing. It smartly improves fraud protection for all the certificates your educational institution issues.


Anyone can Do the Verification

Any person can verify documents with access to a blockchain network that is easily accessible. With blockchain, there is no interference or participation of any third party to validate the certificate. Hence, it ensures that digital certifications are authentic. For example, one can scan a document security QR code to get quick access to the original certificate. The genuine digital certificate will reveal if the hash value on the QR code matches the QR code on the blockchain network.

Moreover, third parties can see them at any time to view the up-to-date credential and information. Even if any certificate is printed, the digital certificate or online version will always be available to confirm it.


Durable & Reliable

There would be no central point of failure given blockchain’s decentralized nature. Hence, you are better in a position to withstand malicious attacks. If anybody modifies or tampers with any certificate, there will be evidence of tampering for everyone to see.


Nobody can Destroy Issued Certificates

Nobody can destroy the certificates that blockchain issues or receives. Hackers can destroy these certificates only if every one of the existing copies is destroyed. it is nearly impossible as copies are in thousands of computers that host this technology. In other words, the decentralized nature of blockchain denotes that it’s almost impossible for anyone to modify or falsify the records.

Ensure Transparency

Any educational institution must ensure transparency. With blockchain, you can demonstrate a commitment to stay transparent with your credentials like digital documents, certificates, etc., while upholding privacy.


The Bottom Line

With blockchain technology, it is as simple as clicking on a button to have all of your digital certificates issued and credentials secured on the blockchain. With blockchain verification, there is no room for forgery or alterations. Try out issuing certificates with ProofEasy blockchain based solutions today!