Blockchain Can Open the New York State for business

Blockchain verification

Since coronavirus vaccines have become more widespread, crucial questions arise around offering proof of vaccination. Blockchain might offer a protected solution. Today, public and private sectors are stepping towards a record speed to get ground in the fight against COVID-19. They embrace every strategy and solution that might help people get back to normal. Businesses are ramping up testing, constructing momentum with vaccinations and setting up registries that allow people to prove their vaccination status.  

Use of Blockchain for Proof of Vaccine

If authorities want to help people safely re-enter the entire world and restore some societal normality, they must think about what it is going to take to build trust in vaccine certificates, no matter it is going to be a piece of paper, a secure card, or even a barcode or QR code on a random mobile device. Indeed, a solution like blockchain verification can be of much help. There is a need to bring blockchain to the vanguard of every vaccine verification system framework. Once these are done properly, no one can falsify digital ledgers, and an individual can dependably prove that he has been vaccinated. 

All a healthcare provider will need to do is establish an electronic record of an individual’s vaccination with a mobile device that is already used by many administering organizations around the globe today, including pharmacists and retailers.  Either a secure smartcard or a tamper proof label that one can affix to a passport or other ID card would be helpful.  The authorities can print and give the patient physical proof of their vaccination. 

Encoded with personal vaccination data with New York State’s Excelsior Pass, one can easily be verified through a secure QR code. Authorities can get QR codes created and use them to validate the documents and certificates.  It is the one main ingredient missing from most physical vaccine certificates or documents at present. The secure QR code allows sensitive vaccination information to get stored digitally inside the card or label versus on the front of it. This secure encoding guards the security of the data and the privacy of the specific cardholder.

Such a secure system blended with Excelsior Pass would expand the travel and commerce chances for New Yorkers by permitting compatibility with New York State. A blockchain platform can ensure proper proof of vaccination or a negative test result. In this way, the New Yorkers will be able to display their vaccine pass at a manifold of businesses and locations. A single blockchain-based, secure pass will allow people to travel to areas where SMART Health Cards get accepted.

Talking about New York State’s Excelsior Pass Blueprint, it is a national framework to assist in the growth and implementation of digital health credentials. It works as a guide to help other states, territories, and areas expand compatible COVID-19 vaccine credential systems. It is to advance economic development efforts countrywide. With blockchain, authorities can surely open the world economy and allow everyone to move forward with their lives.

Influence of Blockchain in Digital credentials

Documentation and identifications like vaccination cards, academic qualifications, occupational licenses, employee ID and more are convenient for everyone to deal with when these are digital. But another thing is that such highly personal information should be private and safe. And this is the reason that Governments, businesses and even educational institutions are moving towards blockchain as a recognized way to allow a secure and trusted infrastructure and enhanced services. 

Private & Protected

The blockchain-based platform manages the infrastructure and security without exposing any data used to produce credentials. Only authorized network participants have proper access, and all actions and business procedures are tamper proof and lastingly captured as blockchain transactions.

The unique hash value in a secure blockchain based QR code ensures the security of the data.  One can access the data only if the hash value of the QR code matches the hash value on the blockchain network. Furthermore, since blockchain is a decentralized technology, it is nearly impossible to hack the manifold systems at the same time.  

Everyone can deal with health credentials like health cards in a better and easier manner once they are digital. There is no tension of any damage, tampering with or losing a paper card. Maybe an even more compelling reason for the need to go digital is the recent growth in fake vaccination cards getting intercepted by U.S. federal agents.  And here, digital is not enough unless there is a powerful, tamper proof technology to make the data safe.  

The Bottom Line

Blockchain technology can dictate the future of New York State business, overall interactions, and travel if they make it happen. Blockchain removes the need for the trust that is currently sought in mediators. It automates the procedures and makes it tough to tamper with.  You can learn more about the QR code authentication system with us at ProofEasy for the best blockchain solutions.