What Should You Know About Blockchain-Based Voting System by Dragonchain for Voting Integrity?

Blockchain-Based Voting System

As a technology, blockchain is swiftly turning out to be unsurpassed. In more than a decade since the beginning of Blockchain in 2008, people have linked blockchain technology to the success of the technology that formed it, known as bitcoin.

However, in the last few years, blockchain has become a star on its own. You can find professionals in every field and industry trying to make the most of blockchain technology. Even the voting systems are introducing this technology for a better level of protection and efficiency. The point is blockchain technology offers a platform for establishing a highly protected, decentralized, anonymized, but an auditable chain of record. Presently cryptocurrency systems are extensively using it.

Now, government officials can use the same technology to record and report votes and avert many types of voter fraud during elections. Mainly, after the misrepresentation surrounding the 2020 U.S. presidential elections, the universe could be ready for blockchain voting on a wider scale.

Blockchain Serves the overall Voters.

In its general form, blockchain is a kind of digital ledger. It is the technology that draws its power from the peers or that of nodes on its network. It is to verify, proceed, and record all kinds of transactions across the system. The ledger gets never stored, but rather it exists on the chain endorsed by millions of nodes simultaneously. It is because of encryption and decentralization that the database of transactions on the blockchain is incorruptible. Hence, a person can easily verify each record. In other words, nobody can take down or influence the network as it does not exist in one single place.

It is not just financial transactions that work with the concept of blockchain but any data transmission. It is the kind of system infrastructure that is useful for voting because a vote is a tiny piece of high-value data. Out of necessity, the present-day voting systems are much inclined towards the last century wherein people who want to vote must leave their homes and deposit paper ballots to a local authority. Some have even tried bringing it online, but it has turned out to be difficult to put faith in the results because of many gaps in safety.

Blockchain can be the solution to the many problems discovered in such early attempts at online voting. A single blockchain-based voting application does not concern itself with the security of its web connection. It is because any fraud or hacker with access to the terminal will not be able to impact other nodes. Moreover, the voters can effectively deposit their vote without disclosing their identity or political preferences to the public. The authorities or officials can count votes with utmost certainty. After all, they would know that every ID is attributed to one single vote, nobody can create any fakes, and tempering is impossible.

Even there can be proper government QR codes, and hence, there would be no fake or the possibility of fraud. One can use a secure QR code, which is blockchain-based. You can use it to access data only if the hash value on the QR code matches the hash value on the QR code on the blockchain network. Voting officials can use secure QR codes during the voting procedure, and hence, they can ensure a higher level of safety and permanence.

Dragonchain is Bringing Integrity in Voting 

Companies like Dragonchain are working to bring blockchain to the voting populace. Now, the blockchain-based voting system by this company makes use of a good hybrid blockchain platform. The hybrid platform blends up private and public blockchains to solve the drawbacks and capitalize on the advantages.

The hybrid platform employs private business-level blockchain to record as well as guard data in an immutable way. All sensitive information remains at the business level on its blockchain. It is why the platform is completely and natively obedient to all personally identifiable information (PII) regulations like GDPR or CCPA, or HIPAA. The voting system keeps the vote on the blockchain network of the election board. There is the disassociation of the vote with the voter, and evidence goes for verification. With the vote on the blockchain, the election board can ensure real-time election results, with distributed proof for transparency and sovereign audits. Moreover, the voting system by Dragonchain is interoperable with voting machines, paper ballots, and any combination of the two.

The Bottom Line 

Blockchain is paving the path for a securer and efficient voting system. The rules of a political election might need to change to make way for such a transparent system. Moreover, blockchain can be perfect for informing business decisions, guiding usual meetings, polling, surveys, and more. To know how you can use blockchain technology and QR code verification for voting, you can contact us at ProofEasy.