Blockchain Usage in Document Security Part

blockchain encrypted QR codes

The current document security and monitoring measures are not ideally adequate. It raises the question of what businesses and individuals can do to keep their documents and data secure. One technology that is emerging as a powerful solution for securing documents is Blockchain. It can ensure complete security.

Documents and data are some of the most crucial assets. Many big companies are data-centric companies. Securing documents and data has become the most serious priority for them. Also, no matter a small or a big company, documents security is a concern in every industry. Here Blockchain technology can be used as a robust alternative to Cloud and Server oriented companies.

Blockchain technology accumulates and stores data in groups called blocks. Each block can include a certain amount of data. Once the block reaches capacity, it gets chained to the previous full block. Hence, creating a chain of secure document data. The data structures of Blockchain have inherent security qualities as they are based on cryptography, consensus, and decentralization principles. Each new block of document data connects to all the preceding blocks in a way that nobody can tamper with it.

Encryption & Validation

The blockchain platform promises that your data is encrypted, meaning data modification is a far cry. Businesses can use blockchain encrypted QR code and ensure all the data is secure. You can save a cryptographic signature of any certificate, document, or file on Blockchain.   This way, the users can ensure that the data is untampered with without requiring to save the whole file on the Blockchain.

Since it has a decentralized nature, one can always cross-check file signatures throughout all the ledgers on all the nodes in the network. This way, you can verify that they haven’t been altered. When anyone looks at a file or Digital Certificate, they can guarantee that it is the same document version that was there at another time. If someone changes a record, the signature turns out to be invalid. Hence, blockchain technology offers dependable, independent document confirmation that is undeniable.

Restricts Forgery

Since there is a digital signature and encryption feature in Blockchain, it is a highly secured and forgery-resistant system. Cryptographically associated blocks give a record protected against tampering. This tamper resistance is extensively effective in averting document deception and forging documents. Once you secure a document with a Blockchain-based QR code, you add a layer of security to it. No matter how massive your document is, you can secure its hash on Blockchain. Remember, you cannot store the complete document on the Blockchain because of the document size limitations. Hence you cannot protect a whole document on the Blockchain. But if you use hashes, you can do that as they include a small portion of space, making it efficient and effective to store your entire documents.

The bottom line

Whether you are an educational institution that issues E-Certificates or a legal firm that has to keep the legal documents protected against attacks or any other organisation, Blockchain is the right solution. Check out more about blockchain solutions with ProofEasy and ensure document security in your organization.