How can Blockchain Revolutionize the Future of Education Sector?

educational certificate verification

The education-tech has made massive strides recently, especially after the covid19 pandemic. However, there is still a long road ahead. Fortunately, technologies such as Blockchain are helping speed up the overall process. Right from educational certificate verification to efficiency, Blockchain can be transforming for education sector.

Ledger tech, coupled with artificial intelligence, smartphones and tablets, is quickly replacing massive desktop computers and old-fashioned textbooks as the preferred way of teaching. Hence, it is giving the education sector a much-required advancement. Blockchain benefits education by growing transparency, improving accountability via smart contracts and incentivizing overall learning. You can use blockchain technology in education in diverse ways to improve general learning, security, authentication, and more for education applications and websites.

Immutable Ledger

The immutable ledger technology of Blockchain creates a chronological list of events that have emerged in real-time. It is effective for verifying transcripts, diplomas and even test scores. In addition, university administrators, teachers, and students can use smart contracts to agree on the due dates of assignments and even organize student loan payments.

Incentives for students

Time is not far when academic institutions can incentivize students to pay their student loans on time. Teachers inspire students by awarding cryptocurrency to those who perform highly or finish a specific major. The gamification factor of education that emerged from tokenization has been tremendously advantageous.

Web Learning Exchanges

One of the main applications of Blockchain in education is web learning exchanges. With the growing adoption of e-learning in students, web learning exchanges have become common and frequent. And blockchain technology has a critical role here.

Whether it is the issues related to teachers not attending the lectures on time; or lack of peer learning, blockchain tech in the education sector takes care of all these by operating as an advanced learning platform for students and teachers. It even facilitates convenient class schedules, payment tracking, accessible learning materials, courses and programs offering, signing up for training, and more. For example, one can easily scan the blockchain secure QR code  to access the data immediately to track the procedures and documents. The hash value in the QR code matches with the hash value of the QR code on the blockchain network. Hence, it ensures immutability at every stage.

It helps independent teachers and trainers. They cannot just set up their blockchain-based learning platform but may even store pertinent documents and data. Many advanced blockchain-based platforms can even allow students and teachers to quickly store and organize various documents, assignment materials, grade cards, forms, progress reports, and so on.

A higher Level of Visibility

The immutable ledger technology of Blockchain creates a chronological record of current events. It works well for reviewing transcripts, showing a full report card, and informing students of their progress. Once students turn in an assignment using Blockchain, they cannot use it or claim that the teacher misplaced it.

The Bottom Line

With the use of cryptocurrencies, Blockchains have already changed the financial environment. Using Blockchain in the education system will improve resource usage and the productivity of the school environment. The recruiting process will become easier. Data security and trust get enhanced, and students enjoy lifetime ownership of their academic records. It is all because of record-keeping and sharing rationalization. Whether adopting this technology for e-certificate blockchain verification or secure storage of documents, blockchain technology is here to stay. Know more about how you can use it with experts at ProofEasy.